Christmas, alcohol and IBS

With Christmas Day looming , it occurred to me, that many IBS sufferers might well have a problem with a flare up of symptoms, following being stressed ,being bad and having a couple of drinks on the day.

I personally , would find it a very difficult day to get through ,without, at the very least , a couple of vodka and cokes . With lots of family around eating and drinking , plus kids running around hyper , I know I will feel the need of a drink or two and will almost certainly pay for this indulgence, either Christmas night ,the next day or possibly both and maybe longer. It really does not seem worth it , when thinking about it sitting here to-day but years of experience, tells me , that if I feel well on the day , I will give in and risk it. To be honest , if the drink does not spark off a flare up , probably some form of food will. I will be at a family members house and already , I am beginning to dread the occasion.

Does almost everyone out there abstain , or have some found that they can tolerate certain alcoholic beverages? Are some drinks better than others , even although I know alcohol is not good for the gut .

To date, after years of trying , I have never found a particular type of drink that was better than another but sometimes , not often, I can get away with it and actually enjoy a good time. White wine in particular can be troublesome. Perhaps if it is not a really good wine , the sulphites cause upset.

This is really just a ramble about me , probably failing to be sensible and not a post to invite others to tell me that I am stupid --don't do it , however, I would think Christmas must be a difficult time , stressful for many IBS sufferers and coping mechanisms, to get through the festive period and still enjoy it , might be interesting to some.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all for 2016


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  • Hi Will1234, I must be very lucky because alcohol doesn't seem to irritate me too much ( my tipple is dark rum or voddie) it's the insoluble Fiber that causes most of my symptoms ( but I'm still having all the veggies! which I love but normally limit) see my previous post...

    But hey! Treat yourself if you're not going out and about the next day or two? You are not stupid!

    Enjoy Christmas


  • Hi Lin61

    Thanks for reply, I cannot be sure about alcohol being a big problem because sometimes I think it causes a dose, then other times no problem.

    Anyway , you have to just go for it sometimes.

    Merry Christmas


  • Hi, I agree with Lin, go for it, to be honest lifes too short not to take a

    risk now and again. My drink of choice is a nice glass of white wine

    but Ive recently tried the odd glass of red as its supposed to be better

    for us. Luckily it doesnt seem to effect me red or white so Im lucky but

    I only have a couple of glasses.

  • Hi shirlygirly,

    Thanks for replying , will go for it , you've got to live a little.

    Merry Christmas.


  • I usually have a few beers on a Friday or/and Saturday night and it does not seem to effect my IBS and find it does actually calm the spasms and pain a bit where all of the medications I have tried do not touch it.

  • Hi Nick137,

    Thanks for your reply. I think it does affect me and often it brings on a bout of D--- . It sometimes feels like my system wants to get rid of it like a poison.

    Other times I am fine, don't know why but you've got to have a life and do things you enjoy sometimes.


  • Hi I do drink Vodka with regular 7 UP. I have had a flare up with diet drinks.

    Hope this helps...........have a Merry Xmas

  • I've never had any issues with alcohol. In fact sometimes a neat rum will warm the stomach and sooth the pains caused by the stuffing/ gravy/etc. I stay away from all dark meats over Christmas, but can can now enjoy mince pies/etc with a lactose free cream.

  • A little wine for thy stomachs sake!

    I drink mine like a French truck driver well diluted with water and always with or near food.Try to avoid cheaper ones,some Medocs can give you a high colour.Red relaxes tummy muscles After food whiskey or cognac with milky coffee to cope with wind

  • I love a little alcohol, I have IBS d.

    I find, like a lot of people, it affects me sometimes but not others. I think it's a tipping over the top effect. I shall be eating and drinking what I want, but in moderation (i hope).

    My tipple is Prosseco, especially on Christmas morning. And for me, there's always Imodium.

    Happy holiday x

  • Brandy with hot water ?

    I think us sufferers should have xmas can pass wind...use loo...etc without embarresment.

    Xmas is stressful enough without the extra embarresment of ibs 😱

  • hi Will,

    I think most of us on here have reservations about the xmas period.

    Me, I have everything including red n white wine n Prosecco BUT in moderation.

    I never overindulge in anything n try to eat little n often to keep a regular n steady amount going into my tummy.

    We have to all " have some kind of life! " so I wish you luck n have a good xmas .

    As a previous poster said there's always Imodium in my drawer!

    As someone suggested, we should all get together have (excuse me now! ) one huge fart time but not sure wot this would do for global warming etc!!

  • Mine would have been white wine, but I know what will happen , and I think is it really worth it. My D won't just flare up for a day or so, it takes me ages to get back to normal. So my Tipple for Christmas Day will be a Double Still Water. Lol. I hope it doesn't play you up too much and you have a great day.

  • I have heard red wine is the best to drink exactly like you ...I love Christmas for the lovely food and getting merry with the family but I am just recovering from a bad attack stomach is only just calming down with colofax and constant fennel teas and silicogel. im a prehensile to what I'm going to eat and drink too .....I hope you will be ok Christmas day and have the spell where you won't be affected. ..merry Xmas xx

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the replies. Interesting to read the views of fellow sufferers. Lots of ideas but the main one seems to be --Go for it and deal with the problem later.

    That I have to say , was also my view . I had expected a lot of replies saying the opposite and how to avoid alcohol etc etc.

    Refreshing to know that so many of us have got a positive - live now attitude. I guess some of us will pay later but hopefully have a good day to remember.

    Everyone have a great time in moderation.


  • Hi again,

    Just another thought--has anyone ever tried taking immodium in advance , either Christmas eve or morning . Is that likely to help keep things in check for the day-at least. I am thinking of trying this out , mainly to avoid problems with running to the loo etc every five minutes.

    Will 123

  • Hi again Will

    Villages2 here !!

    Re taking Imodium before it may kick off?

    If I have a journey ahead ie. Flight before holiday or even just a day out planned I will usually take an Imodium the night before n another the following morning.

    For me at least, it helps me to keep things under control n worry too much.

    Takes3-4 days to get back to my "normal" but so worth not having that anxiety.

    Certainly worth a try for you.

    Good luck n pleaee post again after xmas. 🎅🎅

  • Hi Villages2,

    I will give Imodium a try , as the anxiety is a real problem. Would mind less if in my own house but having to dash away, perhaps multiple times in someone else's house and feel bad.

    Thanks again


  • I find wine and beer is the worst for me (although I don't have ibs d), I think its probably due to the yeast. I was told vodka would be better in small amounts. Basically my symptoms are dizziness and light headedness, sometimes with as little as half a glass of wine. Like others I will probably risk the odd glass, maybe diluted in a spritzer though.

  • Understand your dilemma given it is Christmas festivities - I love a vodka tonic but have found over the years that if I stay on red wine and plenty of water in between then the effect on the bowel is minimal - I have to say that the water reduces the hangover and keeps the bowel disciplined!!.....if you know what I mean - I do take Buscopan 3 times a day which is a great help and I have taken to drinking Rice Milk which I find very soothing for the gut and bowel in addition to Fennel Tea.

    This is just me though!! - try and and enjoy the Xmas holiday season.

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