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Why doesn't anyone help me?!

I am 31 female. Had a partial thyroidectomy last year. After being on levothyroxine i got sick. All the drs i saw said i was just constipated so enema after enema molasses enema and pushing and pushing later.. I had hyperthyroidism. Finally a month later i was able to eat again.. But no corn products what so ever. H.f. corn syrup, corn syrup, corn meal, also, no seeds if any kind.. Sesame seeds tomato.. The seeds cause incredible pain. The corn products seem to just stop my bowels completely. I live with constant fear and anxiety every second of everyday that something will hurt. Colonoscopy was normal. No one is taking this seriously, but i am dying here. The miralax helps some, but i can't completely empty my bowels so eventually i end up where i am now.. Backed up and miserable trying to sleep before i hit the mag citrate in the morning. I also have the mirena if thats part of the problem i don't know. But no one will help me with this, i don't know where to turn now.

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Hi. You might get some information and advice on the thyroid forum if you are not on it already. Digestive issues are common with thyroid disease and often leads to serious deficiencies. I'm on that forum too. There are loads of knowledgeable members there that will help if you repost it there.

Click on my communities above and then click on browse communities to find thyroid uk forum. Good luck. :-)


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