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Hi all I'm a newbee to this forum

Hi I've suffered with ibs as far back as my teens & im now early 40's!! Over the last 6 years it has got quite bad! I don't have to rush to the toilet I am the opposite. I'm currently on the low fodmap diet but I've only seen a little improvement! Currently I'm getting a feeling up my bottom which I'm worried about, I started taking bysecodol about 5 weeks ago & thought it could be these doing it but I haven't taken any for a week & still getting this feeling! Any ideas what this is?

Thank you

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If you suffer from Ibs c as I have for many years, stop taking Bisacodyl as it causes cramps and you become dependent as I did. The best natural thing to take is about 600 to 1000mg magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. This will make you go the next morning (sometimes a couple of times) with no cramps. I have been doing this for years now and wish I had found out about this earlier. Even my gastroenterologist said it is the best thing to do. You can get a lot of information on the Internet of how magnesium helps contipation. It must be the citrate or oxide as this is the one that draws water into the bowel. I get mine on Amazon. Either Now foods magnesium Citrate or Solgar.


Thank you Pat1

I've been on normacol- plus for years & I think the doctor wanted to try a stimulant one too, but I have stopped taking it! It's this uncomfortable feeling up my bottom I don't understand why I have it!

I will look for the magnesium.


I think you should ask your doctor to refer you to a colorectal consultant for further tests, so you can rule out any problems or find out what the problem is. I went to one a few years ago. They did thorough tests and I found out I have a problem that I didn't know about. You should insist. I forgot to mention that the fodmap did not help me with constipation only the bloating.


I'm waiting for a scan at the moment! I also went back to the doctor today, to be made to feel that I was worrying over nothing & there's nothing wrong with me :-( doctor was so unhelpful.


I always get a pain up my bottom and cramping when I get a bad bout of ibs (like right now) so very painful. I can hardly sit down sometimes and if I need to pass wind it's awful. This lasts a few weeks then back to normal and can go many months with nothing. Have tried everything but nothing works. I follow a strict gluten free diet which has lengthened time between bouts. Sorry no real answer on what causes the pain though.


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