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Bad weekend

Had another bad weekend. Went out yesterday to a large children's playground/fun park with my son and had to use the toilet three times. Made me worry once again about how I'd cope in places/situations where a toilet wasn't available. Had lots of cramping and gas last night which probably wasn't helped by too much coffee and lots of veg for dinner. Also had that nagging localised feeling in my left lower bowel that I posted about before, seemed to radiate to my back this time too. Yuk, what a way to spend bank holiday I hope the rest of you had more success!

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Hope you are feeling better today. I get pains in lower left side too, I've had a sigmoidoscopy but nothing found. I was glad it was nothing nasty but really wanted to get an answer to it. I think some of us are really sensitive in that area. I agree it does make things very difficult when you are out 😕


The important thing is you coped,and you WILL do so again.


You need to get a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet on the UK and an 'I can't wait card'

I can't post the links here but if you Google them you will find the sites


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