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Anxiety brings on ibs symtom


Hey I'm new here hope we are all well

So I've recently been diagnosed with anxiety in January and it's stemed from having a tummy bug on the train and panic set in thinking I wasn't gonna make it to a toilet.. I did thank god and thought no more of it untill I got on a train 2 weeks later and had a panic attack and its sprialled since then now i have anxiety about not making it to the toilet, I get all the symptoms it brings tight chest, overthinking ect which the stress then causes and ibs symptom 'diarea' which makes the anxiety worse as that's what started this off in the first place 'needing the toilet'.

I honestly take my hat off to you guys that suffer with ibs on a daily basis its crippling when the ibs symtom happens for me so lord knows how you guys cope.

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Hi Racheal, first of all let me re-assure you that this is common, and you will get better. Anxiety is temporary state, from which you can recover, and getting people to help you build your confidence is what you need. I know because I've been there. Please read my post "Control and Treatment of SIBO and IBS" from a couple of days ago for some general advice.

Rachealp in reply to Stuart24

Thank you I will have a read

Hello Racheal, I know exactly how you feel as I suffered from anxiety problems which resulted in IBS diarrhea for just over 2 years. I went through all the usual tests, colonoscopy etc and they all came back ok. Eventually, I noticed on a website that someone had stated that the antidepressant, Amitriptyline, had stopped this problem. I asked the Gastroenterologist if I could try these tablets which she prescribed. Only 10mg, the lowest dosage, and eventually after 2 years of having to ensure I was always near to a toilet after eating, the tablets worked. I could go up to 30mg of Amitriptyline but as the 10mg works for me, I'm happy. Hope this helps. Mary

Rachealp in reply to Harley1020

I will look in this hun thank you I'll do anything to stop it happening

Hi Rachealp....l know exactly what you mean!! l've had all test done for my stomach and the answer came back I B S! He says this is from worrying to much!! My Gastro said l did your colonscopy test and your intestines are nothing but a mess. He said this comes from worrying to much!! I went back because l started dreading eating my supper (my main meal) and he said until you stop worrying you will have this problem!!! But l know this was in my case!!

Rachealp in reply to lYNNETT

Thanks hun nice to know I'm not alone I try so hard to not worry or think about it, it just comes outta no where and sometimes there's not stopping it

Hi Rachel..welcome! Yes, for decades I had major depressive disorder where I have had to be hospitalized several times. Then one night I woke up with my heart pounding, feeling like I could not breath, then that started off my "worry" and they did an EKG and said nothing wrong with my heart. But next night it happened again..then the night after that. I always knew I had mild anxiety, this was back in the 80's when not much was talked about it or a lot of medication around. I tried to "self medicate"..SAM-E, L-Theanine, Calms Forte, GABA supplements, the list goes on, but they did not help much. Then it got worse..much worse..and of all things at my job where I had full blown panic attacks several times a day. I had to go on short term disability. Then I got one so bad I was hospitalized again, but this time to Psychiatric unit where I was put Remeron, Trazadone and a benzodiapine called Klonopin. Which I think Klonopin was the med that really helped..I have not had any panic attacks or bad worry, insomnia or Anxiety after starting it. I don't know if yours is from a chemical imbalance in the brain, or just generalized Anxiety which can be helped with deep breathing, therapy and/or medication. Are you under the care of a Gastroenterologist..or had any testing done? Food intolerance testing, or Colonoscopy? I hope you get it all sorted out. x

Rachealp in reply to Eliana5

Gosh you've certainly been through it I'm sorry you've been suffering, I believe I am generalised anxiety, I have been referred to cot cbt therapy xx

Eliana5 in reply to Rachealp

Yes..have done DBT, CBT, REMT therapy..but not sure how much it has helped. I think I do better in meds than therapy. Hope it all goes well. ☺x

Eliana5 in reply to Rachealp

No longer. I'm doing pretty well now, thanks to great medication. Glad to hear things are going well for you. ☺x

Hi there!

You sound just like me - the exact same thing happened to me and now the anxiety of it happening again really affects me! Please let me know if anything helps❤️

Love coming your way!

Hey hun you are not alone, I'm currently taking cbd oil and I'm on buspirone which is really helping I feel alot more calmer and the tight chest and panic attacks have stopped for the moment which is great Im doing some exposure therapy going for walks/run and getting further away each time it lifts my mood when I've done it xx

Eliana5 in reply to Rachealp

I wish Busphar worked for me, but not very much. The Klonopin and Trazadone work much better for me. Have never tried the oil..will give this some thought.

Amazing! I'm glad you're feeling much better- did the cbd oil help with the anxiety? Xx

So far it's been working I have some bad days still but I think it helps

I know the feeling. I have IBS-C, and tend to get really gassy at times. I use public transportation which triggers my anxiety because crowded buses makes me anxious. Whenever I get around numerous of people, I get very gassy and I hate it because I know that I will eventually have to get up and deal with all of the disgusted stares. You are definitely not alone on this.

It's such a taboo subject, every one gets gassy, yet we feel so embarrassed by it which makes it worse!

I have been sick for years with IBS. No one has an answer. I do take amtripoline at night and it seemed to help, but in April, 2019 it all returned after feeling better for a few months. Now I am in pain all day. Nothing seems too help. Pain often begins after eating breakfast and having a BM. Then it is an all day seige. Seems a good night sleep helps until I eat and have the BM. I am so sick of being in pain. I avoid all foods such as veggies, nuts, dairy etc. No rhyme or reason.

Rachealp in reply to Florida68

Sorry you've been suffering hun, have you tried cbd oil for the pain? I'm hearing alot about it

Florida68 in reply to Rachealp

I don't believe so as they are doing research and cboil has many impurities. It was on TV. One doctor suggested medical marijanna but gastro would precribe it..

Eliana5 in reply to Florida68

Yes..haven't heard too many good things about the cbt oil either. Doesn't seem to help many of people who take it. They are trying for the medical marijuana as well. Did not know it helps with anxiety. In so glad and blessed to have the Klonopin..

Eliana5 in reply to Florida68

Have you tried Bentyl or Levsin? That seems to help my spasms and pain. I take 30 minutes before a meal..hope you feel better soon. ☺

Florida68 in reply to Eliana5

bentyl did nothing and levison affected my bladder.

Eliana5 in reply to Eliana5

I'm so sorry, I hope you feel better soon. Btw..are you from Florida? I used to live in Sarasota and Miami. Have a great day. ☺

You are not alone Rachael. We've all had awful stories to tell. Mine started with a dodgy burger. I was on my way to a job interview, had to make my excuses and run. Along with other things happening, I started having panic attacks! That was years ago. Now I refuse to be embarrassed, essentially because I have no control over it. I take imodium if going out for day, which is a great help.

Do speak to your doctor.

I also have taken tablets for anxiety and still do. Whatever it takes to get thru.

I wish you well x

Thank you for your reply, I'm on tablet and take cbd oil and I've been referred for CBT therapy, so hopefully they can help me with way to get over the worry about being to far from a toilet

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