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Hi, my name is Pie (nick name) and I went on this site to do research for my partner. He's always had an issue with rushing to look, but often after a heavy night out with lads. He's just had his gall bladder removed and had pancreatitis and for a while was ok, but it's been around 5 months since op and the last 2 months have been really bad with accidents, not making it to loo, and we are both worried about going too far now. He is going to have a camera put into his back passage he had blood tests and feases tests and all showed ok. He gets really sweaty lately, he only has to walk 10 mind and his soaking wet. Thyroid tests proved ok. He has no pain in tummy and very little warning. It's stressing us both out. Mebervarin never worked and Immodium a little.

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  • Rosiepie123 sorry your partner is having problems ,I would say it's his diet and drinking is the problem,if out with the lads is beer drinking it's more than 1 ,cut down the gassy drinks or cut out altogether, greasy foods like burgers etc got to go,it's a mainly bland diet for him ,have a word with his consultant ,make a list of the food he's eating now .hope this helps ,

  • Thanks well he hasn't been drinking at all for over a month and trying to eat sensible. He had just water all day yesterday at a lunch we had to attend and just fish and veg but had to rush to loo three or four times and when we got home just ham roll, which also went through him. It seems a very common thing for people who have gallbladder removed? And what's with this profuse sweating when just walking a bit?

  • Rosiepie123 best thing to do ask for an appointment at docs for blood pressure check (mot) , tell them about the sweating could be the medication he's on

  • Rosiepie123 the sweating could be anxiety the thought of leaving home where he feels safe ,my wife gets similar symptons I usually try to reassure her there's nothing to be afraid of,try just a short walk just 5 or 10 mins turn and walk back then increase it daily , hope this works for you

  • Thanks again for your response. He's under investigation got to have camera up behind. He's hasn't and is not under any meds. Self med with immodium.

    He has low blood pressure mostly or normal. Thyroid tests say ok. It's a puzzle.

  • I have been exactly the same as this for the last 18 months, I have tried a food diary and cant find any triggers. I had my gallbladder out 10 years ago and also had pancreatitis. Even though it was all that long ago my consultant thinks it is down to that and thought it might be bile acid malabsorbtion , he prescribed Questran and I have been so much better. Still not perfect I still have a couple of days a week with urgency but definitely not diarrhea and I only need one Imodium to stop it, not the whole packet like i used to. Might be worth him mentioning this to his doctor.

  • Thanks so much, very helpful, as the gallbladder thing is the most in common with his ......I wrote down Questran and also Welchol. We are off to ask GP tomorrow on this med.

  • It's certainly worth a try, I was told the best way to see if it is this is to try the medication and if it helps that is what the problem is and if it doesn't help then it wasn't that. I hope it does help its awful when you get so you darent leave the house.

  • Yep, makes sense. Good luck with yourself.

  • I have a similar issue after a night out drinking, the next day, I'm running to the toilet and have cold panic sweats (I joke and call them panic poos sweats!).

    My advice is to not overindulge, drink a glass of water every so often during the drinking session, avoid drinks containing caffeine, such as Red Bull or Coke and steer away from real ales in excess.

    Also, research into a low fodmap diet. Some alcoholic drinks, such as rum, are high in fodmaps and therefore should be avoided, as should certain foods.

    Ultimately, he should follow the advice from his hospital doctor, following his procedure results.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi, thanks for reply. I think may be I put too much emphasis on "past" drinking. The last two months he has not been drinking alcohol and even gave up tea!!! Obviously, beer does make it worse, but it's never been this bad, and no drink involved. The sweating is related to walking?

    Maybe his past over indulgence in drink may have caused his problems though 🤔

  • Try Silicol Gel. My partner used it before he had his gallbladder bladder out and it did work. But then we forgot about it for months, I think sheer panic set in with the amount of accidents since gall bladder removal.bbbut something told me to get it again and he's doing somewhat better. He is taking G.Ps tablets which we enquired about after reading positive responses on IBS network. which is a bile binding tablet.....Silicol can be taken with any other present medicines and there is no known side effects.

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