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Well after my initial stool test results came back my Doc was happy that I only had IBS. He said the normal number they look for is 50 in regular bowel movements, mine came in at 58. However 2 weeks on he said I have to have another test to double check. Just dropped off the sample and now I can guarantee the anxiety will kick in and make me feel worse! One reassuring thing was he said for something like Crohn's disease or Colitis the reading would of been in the 300-400 mark.

Anyone know what this number is that they are looking for?

I still can't make sense of it though as last weekend after being really good with food, relaxing as much as I could and even taking a couple of Lopermide before I went to bed Thursday I had 3 whole days of normal (yes normal) movements. Silicogel has helped but i'm not perfect still by any means.

My Doc has also told me to make an appointment to see someone to discuss the anxiety and mild depression that IBS gives me. I'm all for finding any remedy I can. My father (I've not seen him for roughly 15 years) is bipolar and left my mother when I was 18 months old. Once I told him this he wanted me to speak with someone to see whats going on as he said my IBS can be brought on by my anxiety attacking a weak point.

Am I a mess or what? I feel like I'm normal but even my other half wants me to go through this to see if we can get me back to being me!

Anyone have any opinions?

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I have been seeing a therapist for a few months and have noticed improvements in my IBS. I originally started seeing her to deal with relationship anxiety but I quickly learned that I had been suffering from anxiety for a lot longer than I had previously realised. One of the key fears for me is being alone. This might have something to do with my parents' divorce, or even the fact that my mum suffered from post-natal depression after she had me, so I was often left along to cry rather than be comforted. As a result, after university (where I found the structure of the academic day, my mixture of hobbies and housemates always around) I started experiencing IBS symptoms that gradually increased over time. I worked harder and harder at work and packed my free time with activities so I didn't have to face down time being alone. I eventually started to burn out, couldn't cope with my IBS (to reduce some of the stress of my lifestyle I had to do less but then I got depressed when I was dwelling on my loneliness) and then whenever I got into a relationship I'd freak out and ruin it by pushing my girlfriend away for fear I'd lose her. In short, I think that the relationships we have at a young age can affect us and have some subconscious impact on our IBS. The therapy hasn't resolved my IBS completely (despite having had a pretty good week at work and not feeling particularly anxious in the evenings, I've still had to dash to the toilet two or three times and had some loose bowel movements) but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

As for the science bit: the results for the calprotectin test are given in micrograms per gram (see southend.nhs.uk/pathology-h... Hope it all goes well and glad to hear your doctor is being so supportive.

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