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Various symptoms

I seem to have developed more symptoms which are worrying me more and more. Pain in the back between my shoulder blades, and pain underneath the left rib cage spreading through the abdomen. I also have some reflux. I've just started to recover from flu with lots of coughing but just don't think it is the coughing that's causing the pain. It happens after I've eaten, about an hour or so. Yesterday I had the most awful cracking pain under my left rib cage area. Whilst I know I suffer more and more from anxiety and stress from work and all the fizz at Xmas and rich food over New Year didn't help, I've been eating fairly normally since then. I have struggled with my appetite in the last 2 weeks cos of flu so eaten wholemeal bread, but drinking honey and lemon / squash. Now my appetite is returning to normal but tonight I finding my stomach sore and stabbing pains, but no gas! (Amazingly). Bowels seem okay as well. Trouble is Dad died of Ca Pancreas, his brother had similar and two of his kids have had cancer, one a survivor the other not.

I have finally got my Gastroenterologist appt on Tuesday afternoon though my GP has put me down as routine and ? IBS.

Are the symptoms similar to others?? I guess only the appointment on Tuesday will begin to resolve these issues... I hope so but I feel so pessimistic.

Thanks for answering


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After I have been unwell with something like Flu my tummy plays up for a good few weeks after. Only being able to eat bread for that time will not have helped either. Your poor tummy got used to not much food and suddenly he gets lots! Eat as you would do normally for a few week and give it chance to settle back into a routine and it should settle down. Also being negative about it will only make it worse. So try and be positive and get on with your life and ignore your tummy and its hissy fit


Thanks Kerrym212 and Daisyloo for your answers and advice. Fingers crossed that hospital appointment will allay fears. Will have to look at my day to day eating habits and make a diary. I really fancy a glass of wine tonight but best leave it til I get a better picture and outcome. Thanks again :)


I have had pains in my ribs and back as well with IBS, and of course in the stomach. This happened to be a couple of months before Christmas, a hot water bottle helped. Since that episode I have given up broccoli, cauliflower and red grapes, all of which I ate every day.

I am under a dietician at present and will be going on the FODMAP diet. Just waiting for the dietician's colleague to undergo some training. I was diagnosed with IBS in 1996 following an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.

Diet seems to be fairly key when it come to IBS.

Best of luck


Thanks Grandmother. Sitting here with hottie as pain has been constant today. Getting out and about having spent 2 weeks inside due to flu hasn't helped! I know I should pay more attention to what I eat/don't eat but I'm sure I'm not the only single woman who sadly needs to get out more, so succumbs to a few foodie pleasures! I don't eat brassicas as I know they cause wind. Haven't drunk for 2 weeks so it can't be booze! But I can't give up chocolate .... unless they say I have to. Ugh is this what life is going to be like approaching 60?! 3 years ago I was as fit as a fiddle, swimming 100 lengths, doing the gym and now I do nothing.... I just want my life back I guess to enjoy as I used to.



I totally understand your fears but don't worry. I had the same upper abdominal pain in shoulder under ribs in various places. My Mum died also of pancreatic cancer so i do understand. I hope you have now seen your Dr. And had an abdominal ultrasound which would show your pancreas.

My consultant said it is rare for it to run in families. Its more likely rich food at Christmas plus the coughing and the stress causing these symptoms.

The fact you have an appetite is good I nursed my mum until the end and loss of appetite was a major sign.

Hope you are now better


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