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I have been suffering with Ibs d for a number of years, it seems to come and go I will have no symptoms for sometimes a couple of months and then I get a few weeks of mostly diarrhoea and rushing to the toilet every hour. I have also in the last couple of months been suffering some different symptoms a flu like feeling and feeling lethargic and so so tired and achy feeling then the next day the diarrhoea starts with lots of gripping tummy pain which is new to me. Does anyone else feel like this? I'm wondering if this is still ibs or something different any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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  • This happens to me too! Out of nowhere no warning nothing, sorry can't be of help, looking forward to other replies, I too was thinking maybe it's something else, stomach bug? Also I always get it in my periods too

  • I am often fine for weeksnom end then feel like this well not flue symptoms except extreme fatigue. I think a lot of my IBS is stressm and anxiety related most of the time. But then the other day I ate a wrap and it went straight through me. Used same ingredients another day and was fine! No logical explanation

  • This happens to me too I used to keep a diary of everything I ate to compare but I would eat the same thing on different days and one day I would be fine and another not its so strange isn't it?

  • Yeh so it's not as if I am Allergic or intolerant to a food I envy thouse who are almost! So makes the anxiety far worse as no 'safe food' that I often hear people talk about. My ibs cleared up and I had lost weight I then ate everything while I was good and put on weight! Been eating very healthy for about 9 months and had a few symptoms randomly come back last couple of months.

  • Hello, I am really trying to eat healthily. Breakfast glutton free porridge, jacket potatoes and tuna. Small meals. Oven roasted veg and quorn. no caffeine. Just wondered what you class as healthy. My latest attempt is to cut out soya as I changed from dairy to soya thinking that was the problem.

  • I know how you feel when you have no symptoms for a while you forget you have it and start relaxing then you get a relapse and your back to square one.

  • I have been following the body coach lifestyle change. So low carb meals on rest days and carb meals after exercise. The meals have healthy fats like nuts and avocado and keeping things lean with chicken and fish. Have been great until last couple of months then IBS flare up and unrelated health issue of extreme tiredness and night sweats.

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