Running out of ideas!!!!!

After a grueling session in the bathroom last night, I am in agony today! My back passage feels like its been sandpapered! I am at my wits end trying to find things to eat that don't upset my bowel. I am gluten free, lactose free, alcohol free, don't smoke. I try and exercise often. I walk the dog, drink lots of water. I have changed from tea to coffee. The only thing I can put the episode down to is some mayonnaise which I have now binned. Any suggestions as what I can have for breakfast even would be very much appreciated X

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  • Gluten free muffins with scrambled egg? Muffins don't taste of anything but are improved with egg & maybe chopped parsley. Can you tolerate Rice Crispies or fruit?

    Otherwise it's hard as I find one day I can eat something the next day I can't. Must be the combination of things, how you work that one out I don't know.

  • Thank you. What a lovely idea.

  • Think positive,what goes down easily? start day with porridge oats,oatmeal or rice congee plus probiotic or live yog.

  • Porridge doesn't work well with me. I have tried yoghurt as well, but will give it another try. Its all on the day.

  • Forget all that, look up low fodmap and start over. That's what I did and after a couple weeks felt myself again. Now I'm starting to add things back.

  • Be aware that FODMAP does not suit all,many of its green light foods are my triggers

  • Yes, I have done the FODMAP diet. You are absolutely right, some things work and some things make it worse. I am seeing my doctor at the end of the month about my thyroid which can't decide to be active or under-active, its like a pendulum! Nothing's simple!!!!!

  • white steamed or boiled rice with boiled or baked potatoes without adding spicy herbs or acidic sauces ..are the best thing that work for me now ..not delicious i know ..but this is the only choice i have to stay alive 😳and by the way coffee is a huge trigger to all kinds of stomach troubles ..try to replace it with cammomile or mint tea ..good luck :)

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