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Ultrasound today

I have an ultrasound appointment today to confirm whether i have IBS or if not hopefully what it is.

I was just wondering if there is anything to ask or make sure is checked? When i first had a blood test done to see if there was any inflammation in my stomach, i made sure i had it done when i had symptoms and it came back as inflamed. the last time i had it done i had no symptoms and it wasn't inflamed. A remembered a few weeks ago that a few years ago i had an ultrasound done on my Lungs and there was a mark there that showed up the 2 times i had it done. My doctor at the time said it was due to an infection i had or was getting over but i hadn't had an infection so i'm wondering if that could be something? I'd completely forgot about it. I think i had it done as i was having problems breathing at the time.

I have Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid) and Hashimoto's disease (both are autoimmune diseases), I also suffer from Anxiety and Depression which i think plays a part in it but do have a lot of symptoms of IBS.

Blood tests have ruled out Crohn's, Diabetes & Celiac's

Thanks for any advice

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The ultrasound will provide you with some reassurance because that's how they diagnosed my IBS some four years ago - however i'm due to have a colonoscopy in June (something I have been pushing for - excuse the pune) so the consultant can have a good look inside.

So if the ultrasound doesn't show any other issue's you might want to consider my next procedure, not pleasant (more embarrassing) but at least then you will have had a thorough investigation.

Stay positive because I do think a good mental outlook helps and get to understand what you body likes and more importantly what it doesn't!!


I have been advised a few times on here to ask for a colonoscopy or gastroscopy so depending on my results i will be asking for it as i need whatever it is under control as soon as.


I'm surprised that you haven't had a colonoscopy done where the Consuktant can see what is going on inside, ie Diverticulitis


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