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Pain on left side

For years now I have been experiencing pain in the same place - lower, left abdomen. It isn't severe or constant. In fact I only very occasionally notice it during a bm (particularly if straining). It feels like a short, sharp twinge. Any ideas what it could be? The pain doesn't bother me but the fact that it's in the same place makes me think there could be something there. I had a colonoscopy about 7 years ago which came back clear and I think I experienced that pain then. Any ideas?


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The lower-left abdomen is the region of the sigmoid colon and is one of the most common places for IBS patients to experience pain. Interestingly, in a small piece of research published a couple of years ago, scientists found that all (12) IBS patients in their study had an increased presence of a certain pain receptor in their sigmoid colon compared to patients suffering from other gut disorders and diseases.


Wow really? I didn't know that. I wonder what causes the pain? because my pain is always so localised to the same spot and only seems to become noticeable when straining I guess I always imagined it to be a something fixed in that area. A growth or inflammation or something. Probably not very accurate but it's just strange how it's been in the same place for all bear years yet only becomes noticeable at rare moments.


Little Miss Bee - I used to get sharp left sided "abdominal" pains years ago when I was ovulating on the menstrual cycle, that was years before I developed IBS - just an idea as you mention it is not constant - to add a different slant. It might be the Fallopian tube, rather than the bowel, I think they are all pretty intertwined! Also it's common to have pockets of diverticular disease (inflammation) and wondered if that could be a reason for the intermittent sharp abdominal pain.


Hello, I have the IBS and the Rheumatiod Arthritis. I have same as you sharp pain on left side on my descending colon side. It's always been there, sometimes it's low key, other times throbbing painful. A few times makes me double over. It causes pain during sex and I am now being checked for fibroids, endometriosis and cysts. This is just to rule out anything else other than IBS causing this. In the last four moths it's hot progrsssively worse. My periods that are normally once every one, now come every two weeks, and there is a massive amount of bleeding got seven days straight. I have become low iron from loosing so much menstrual blood and on iron supplement. First stop is a blood test, an internal vaginal ultrasound and a pap. Just to reiterate as mentioned above, pain on that side with IBS is very common.


What did you find out from your tests?


My pain like many of you is also localized. It is on the lower right by my appendix.

Best to all of you!


Ive had this most days & its been worse the past few months whatever I eat so after having my ovaries scanned outside & in I decided to go for a Virtual colonoscopy to check if there was any baddies in there..Luckily there was No polyps or anything else in my colon ...whew!What a relief & with this type of colonoscopy I had over 800 images done which covered Spleen,adenal glands,kidney,liver,gallbladder & the whole area of the pelvis.This saved me going for hundreds of diff tests over the yr..

So its back to the drawing board to work out why Im still in agony esp on the left side whatever I eat..Ive done all diets,inc elimination diets even gone 8 wks in hospital with No eating only fluids!


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