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A lifetime of ibs

My husband has suffered with ibs all of our married life , 43 years. It has been depressing, difficult and challenging for both of us to live with. Over the years, we've tried numerous diets, foods and medication , pretty much to no avail. In fact he's not been well this week with all the usual stuff, pains, cramps etc. Very hard to deal with over such a long period, he gets very depressed with it.

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We all know what yr going thru..Ive been like it for more yrs than I can rem.I go thru spates of good months & bad months ..some so bad I either dont eat at all or just a liquid diet to give the bowel very little to do..I find the more I worry about it the worst it is & is very depressing..Ive gone over to Buscopan which does help with cramps,along with peppermint to soothe bowel..I also use a Magnesium Spray put on the colon area rubbed it is very calming..Its all trial & error as each of us is diff..so Good Luck & keep yr chin up we are all here to help each other if we can sharing our experiences..

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Thanks so much for that reply, makes us feel so much better knowing we are all suffering the same, always thought it was just us ! You keep your chin up too !



Not that it is of any real help but married 49 years and exactly the same situation.

Perhaps it is of some small comfort to know you are not alone. In my case, the last few years have been a lot better but there are also flare ups and depressing periods.

Anti depressant medication may actually be helping me. I also find silicolgel helps and I take Immodium capsules if I am going somewhere --like travelling , holidays or somewhere important.

I think the symptoms are too varied to be cured by any one medication or diet. You just have to find what works best for you.

Not great !! Best of luck.


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Thanks so much for those kind words, best wishes to you


Have you tired eating very easy digestible foods? BRAT diet? Take aloe Vera gel capsuals in small amounts. drink lots of Kombucha and pure peppermint tea. And Probiotics (minimum 25 billion CFU daily) and enzymes. Also put a heat pack and massage the stomach and try deep breathing techniques with the massage for the cramps.



I suffer with ibs but since doc put me on steroids for another illness it's not been to bad


Totally understand what you are saying. I have had IBS for 20 years now and it's been getting worse for a couple of years now. When I get back from holiday in a few weeks I will be putting myself on an exclusion diet and will also be going sugar free, I know how hard that's going to be but it'll be worth it to feel better.

Best of luck with you and hope that you have found some comfort from knowing you are now alone.

Take care


Thank you so much for your kind words , yes it helps immensely knowing we are not alone, thoughts to you too, know only too well what you are going through.


Thank you and I will report in a few months on this forum on how I'm doing. Best of luck with you. Also, glad you realised that I'd made a typo, it was supposed to have read 'you are not alone'.

:) x


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