I am 35 and was diagnosed with ibs about 6 months ago i have been to hospital and had the usual tests before the ones both ends (not nice). All was clear so the doctor is treating for ibs i have all of the symptoms which i have had for about 4 years,but got worse as time has gone on,i have been perscribed mebeverine which i thought was helping and also been eating bland foods as not to set the ibs off,but these last 7 days i have had unbearable stomach cramps and diarrhea,and a very bloated stomach with not no let up all week,finding it very difficult to sleep and its really making me miserable,does anyone have any advice please.

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  • Get adequate pain relief. Don't be fobbed off-if what you take doesn't work, don't suffer in silence! Opiate based pain relief may also aid diarrhoea because of the side-effects. My pain got worse and worse for 5 years and I really do feel for you. I have ended up in hospital several times these past couple of months because of the pain/diarrhoea/dizziness etc (despite eating tiny amounts of bland food like yourself). I hope you can get hold to an out of hours GP or a walk in clinic to see someone ASAP for help. Again, it is hard to for doctors to understand the severity of IBS pain, if they suggest paracetamol and that doesn't work, there is co-codamol and tramdol and Oramorph and Zomorph (just a few stronger painkillers that can help). Oramorph is fast acting liquid morphine and is the only thing that offers me relief from severe acute pain. I have no food triggers try not to become paranoid about food-everyone is different! Keep hydrated :-) and positive thoughts. I wish you all the luck in the world in finding relief and help. :-)

  • Thank u very much for your advice,im trying to drink plenty of water I am going to the GP again on tuesday,thanks again

  • Liquid morphine you say,, is this drug addictive?

  • I have just been prescribed mebeverine during a pretty bad spell of ibs, but stopped taking it after a week due to the pain and diarrhea. I was worse on the medication than I was before! Now taking peppermint oil capsules and a probiotic and things seem to have settled down except for the bloating. Still working on that one, but at least the pain has gone.

  • Hi thanks for ur comment what is a probiotic. Is it a drink? Thank u for the advice

  • Thank you for your comment. I need to look into probiotic, thank you.

  • I have because of recommendations from family and friends, taken a probiotic, cut out caffeine and drink 2l water. I fill a 1l jug so I don't forget. I eat less and have alcohol only at the weekend. My system is fresher and those steps have empowered me. I started a food diary mid January and it took two months for it to make things clearer because I couldn't separate the wheat from the chaff. I ate too many different foods so couldn't identify the culprit. Keep reading these emails, keep a food diary and hold tight to hope. You'll get there and we've all been there.

  • Please get tested for SIBO! I was just diagnosed myself almost a month ago. I am on hear quite a bit trying to put the word out about this. It goes undiagnosed in many ibs patients. SIBO is a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines that gives you all these symptoms & robs you of your nutrients. If you have, you go antibiotic, probiotic & special diet for 3-6months to not feed the bacteria what it lives off of. The antibiotics can't kill all of it so the diet helps with the rest. I got with a naturopath dr. & she did more for me in one visit Thant any dr or specialist. This is not someting to just "deal" with. Something is causing the symptoms. I have lived a miserable life for 20yrs now & I am so ready to get my life back! In the mean time go on the fodmap diet until you can get tested & get with the right person to help you. Keep in mind traditional antibiotics are $750 so I went natural antibiotics for $200 & plus natural one's have been proven more effective. Get on the fodmap diet though, if you do have, then the diet will stop feeding the bacteria, plus ibs people say fodmap helps them. Good luck & I'm here to help :) I don't want anybody to suffer like I have

  • Buscopan and co-codamol work well together with IBS d and bloating. Good luck

  • Buscopan and co-codamol work well together with IBS d and bloating. Good luck

  • Probiotics help repopulate your stomach with friendly bacteria which then helps digestion (put very simply). You can either have those little yoghurty drinks or (as I do) take it in tablet form. Easily available from health food shops. Even though I've only been on this combination a few days I am already more 'regular'and any bloating soon disappears after a bowel movement. No horrible gurgly noises and much less trapped gas already.

  • Yes thank u I visited a health shop and got some peppermint oil, so going to try that,but I'm unsure wether to carry on with the mebeverine? Thank you.

  • Have you tried the low FODMAP diet? It works for many people on this site with diarrhoea- related IBS, including me. Bland foods aren't always the answer, for instance, rice makes me bloat terribly. Hav eyou seen a dietitian?

  • Hi no I haven't how do I find out about FODMAP ?

  • Google it...

  • The NHS has only recently got behind the FODMAP diet and it has now trained many of its dietitians in its application, but you have to wait awhile to get an appt to see one. However, when I started it, the only proper info available was from Monash Uni in Australia where the diet was developed. Go to med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/... and have a look. I've also got an iPhone app from that site which is very helpful.

  • Read through previous posts on this site and also google 'FODMAP'. You will find lots of info which will enable you to start the diet straight away.

  • OK well I think you should ask for a referral to a dietician for starters, its worth looking at the lowfodmap diet but best to do it under supervision from a dietician.I posted a list of safe foods a while ago on here. I have seen a small improvement 5 months into the diet, its taken a long time to feel improvement, and some days are still not wonderful if im honest! but we are all different and many have found the diet has been a revelation, if only to highlight food groups that they cannot tolerate.

    I am prescribed buscopan, i didnt find mebeverine that helpful, buscopan I hardly use these days as prefer to manage my diet by eating smaller amounts, avoiding wheat and lactose and other foods (see list posted) increased my fluid intake, I take flaxseed to keep bowels regular and when im feeling boated and nauseous i take a very old fashioned but very effective remedy magnesium tricylicate (available from the actual pharmacist as its kept behind the counters) its also very cheap to buy!! My dad used to take it back in the 70's and swore by it so out of desperation i sought to find some and yep its been a real help and better than chucking a bunch of pills that dont seem to do much in my system!!...

  • I tried the Fodmap diet an it didn't help me at all. Perhaps because I didn't adhere to it strictly. I was hungry all the time.

  • There are some great books on Amazon for FODMAP diet I've not been hungry at all just very focused, it will only work with effort and in the beginning it's really tough. It's not a miracle cure but should help reduce severity of symptoms.

  • I had my first very first excruciating flare up...trip to hospital..oh my friggin god. ..tylen3, liquid gravol and liquid toradol by IV...a few hours relief...thats it..Im laying here in pain..researching IBS. I'm so worn out. Trying align today..no relief yet.

  • I am not being sarcastic, you need a better evaluation. Perhaps and endocrinologist can better evaluate you or a real good Proctologist.

  • Hi

    I know it's so awful. I've had it bad for a year since getting gastroenteritis I've been on the fodmap diet and it has been amazing. But I strayed last week and had a few chocolates and then a small piece of GF cake!! I've been suffering since Thursday. FODMAP I have found very easy to follow and have to take my own food to work. I found jacket potatoes and real butter work well with salad or carrots and swede mashed. It took a long time for the FODMAP to work so you have to bare with it.

    Good luck your get there

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