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endoscopy todayat 1 o clock

first time getthis procedure, I suffer from anxiety disorder hoping it goes smooth without discomfort,if they cant find anything then to a barium swallow next week,the bolating burning sensation and weight loss has to be from something,just don't believe is ll from ibs c. will let you know outcome thank you for letting me vent,just so scared.

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I am also having issues with weight loss! Just been prescribed mebeverine 135mg I have lost 5 stone in a year! 


Breath in slowly. Out more slowly

Try to focus on palace that's special

Take a good story with you


Hi it was my 1st time too last week, you will be fine, not as bad as it sounds. Good luck.


They put you out for an endoscopy. Worst part is preparation before.  Are you sure this illness isn't from bacteria from a bad tooth. Worth a check before going through all these tests.


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