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I noticed that a lot of people have thought their ibs was made worse by anxiety. I have taken citalopram having problems with anxiety attacks.I also have epilepsy .At the end of the scans that I had,investigating the pains,I was told that my adrenal glands were mishapen and well,not working properly.I am wondering if this because all the non-epileptic seizures in my past.I was wondering if anyone else has had non epileptic,or epileptic seizures  in their histories?

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  • Hi Snowdrop00,

    I am on citalopram also, and have suffered epilespy between aged 13-15. Have you look for an Epilepsy supoort group on here? 

    Clumsy ☆

  • No, I have n't .Do  they run one.?Usually I just use the British epilepsy society one.They generally have the answer to what I want. 

  • Here is a link to Epilepsy action group here:

    There are others I found too, but just search on here, it will lead you on the way! :)

  • Thanks,   Sarah

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