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Does anyone have problems reading ingredient lists to see if High Sucrose Corn Syrup is present in a product?

Have been trying to re-introduce possible offending ingredients after weeks on the Elimination phase of The FODMAP diet.

One culprit that I am very suspicious of is HFCS- have read that it is in many soft drinks, both diet and non-diet, but find it very confusing when reading the ingredient lists. It seems that in The UK it is not specifically listed but am wondering if it falls under the generic title of "Sweetener". There seems to be a lot of mixed information when I go onto the individual brand's website to check the ingredients. An example is Schweppes to see if it is in their tonic water- they don't mention it on their official site but HFCS is talked about a lot on other forums related to their product.

On a plus note, I can't believe how much better I have felt since going on The FODMAP diet, makes me remember what it felt like to have no stomach issues. I just wish this diet had been around years ago as it would have made my life a lot easier. I did mention it to my GP , when I enquired about having a lactose malabsorption test done and he told me that he had never heard of it. Also told me that he did not know if you could be tested for lactose malabsorption with a breath test- he even looked it up on google in front of me. Needless to say, none of these tests have been organised for me, not sure if I should pursue it any further. Maybe we are educating our GPs now!

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In U.S. ingredients are listed in order by weight, I think, I would avoid anything with corn syrup. Only sweetener I buy in food is sugar but don't add it to anything.


Thanks Pat. Finding that I am getting to know my way around an ingredients list I experience. In the U.K. they seem to list it on some products as Fructose-Glucose syrup. It seems like it is in so many foodstuffs in the U.S though-must be difficult avoid in any processed food.


The ignorance about all things IBS among medics is really quite extraordinary !


Couldn't agree with you more. The thing that annoys me out is when they make out that it is all psychological and that you just need to deal with your stress better. No wonder so many of us have to do our own research and end up spending a fortune on alternative clinics and supplements is a desperate attempt to manage our conditions. Hopefully, things will change in the near future.

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When I mentioned FODMAPs to my GI, she said I was reading her mind! I'm fortunate!! Saw a nutritionist on her recommendation who reinforced this.


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