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Connected conditions?

hi, I'm new & this is my 1st post here.

I am wondering if certain conditions can be connected? I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago due to ongoing pain & at this time they discovered a sliding hiatus hernia. 

I find that my symptoms vary each day but the main issue is an uncomfortable burning in my stomach. 

Does anyone else have this? 

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What sort of other symptoms do you have? Anything not tummy related, eg pins and needles in hands?


I get a lot of headaches & sometimes an ache in my right arm. 


I can almost guarante that many of the issues and symptoms we have here are all connected or related or feed off eachother. The hard part is stripping away each issue to find the root cause. 

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Hi Lacy , I am sure there is a connection with having Gallbladder out . I had mine out three years ago . I did not have much pain and when I said to theDr  that  it might not be the Gallstones that was causing my problem ,he said "you are a fit and healthy 67 year old , I have never felt fit since . I also get  burning feeling ,sometimes it's as though l feel the Bile running down where my Gallbladder should be . Since having it removed ,I cannot have Fructose or Lactose . I wish I had never had it out ,Holiday and eating out are a nightmare ,But the Dr just say it .s lbs and not connected . 


The only thing I can say is definitely related would be mental disorders/problems - my anxiety is a huge trigger for my IBS!


Yeah when I was on holiday I had no IBS symptoms at all so I think anxiety is a definite trigger for me 


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