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Did you have tests to rule out any other illnesses/conditions?

E.G. blood tests, stool tests, colonoscopy etc.

I'm in the UK and was written off as having IBS and basically, just told to get on with it. I've got worse and worse; been vomiting and now can no longer keep down much food, have lost weight and recently, 2 close family members have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Upon my insistence, I have finally been referred to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy etc, it only took 5 years!

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Good for you for insisting. I'm surprised that it wasn't investigated earlier, especially as you've lost weight and with your family history.

Maybe one of the benefits of age is that if you are over 65 this sort of thing is usually investigated thoroughly. I had blood tests (a full blood count, kidney and liver function, tests for coeliac disease and ovarian cancer), a colonoscopy and even an ultrasound (which I asked for). That showed up a large kidney stone, but that's another story! I also had a stool test. It meant that, at least, I could relax in the knowledge that it was IBS and I could cope without worrying about it being anything more sinister.

I hope your colonoscopy goes well and you get some answers.

Best wishes.



You must insist on having all the tests available whatever your age - Especially a gastroscopy and colonoscopy because they can tell the Consultant so much - they can tell if there is something that needs further investigation.

I had both tests and cancer was ruled out straightaway. - my symptoms are caused by dairy products


Yes, I too had lost weight and was unable to eat much. My gp had done loads of blood tests etc, but I asked to be referred and my gastroenterologist performed a colonoscopy, endoscopy and biopsy for coeliac disease as I had certain "red flag" symptoms such as the weight loss and my IBS waking me up in the night. All came back normal. I simply have a severe form of IBS. Mine is pretty much under control now with the help of medication and dietary changes. Hope you get an answer from your tests. :)


I have seen a consultant and diagnosed with a C T colonoscopy as having IBS. I also suffer from nausea and acid reflux and was given omeprazole which made my bowel discomfort worse. Then I tried the ranitidine type and this also upset my bowels. Colpermin gives me heartburn, so really not alot works for me.I always get a flare up when I'm anxious and always seem tohave to have something to worry about. any suggestions?


Yes, my previous GI doctor was a total a**hole (no pun intended) who told me I was FOC (full of crap) when I was in unbelievable pain that took me to the ER several times. I was so shocked I just gave up. Until I found the NYU Center for Women's Health where every doctor is a woman, kindly, listening. I have been examined thoroughly from stem to stern and conclusion is that my excruciating pain is partly neuro-muscular (I also have PD) and part IBS. I've seen a nutritionist and am having some luck with FODMAP diet and also great relief from PT specializing abdominal pain. I had 8 days pain free before the holidays, and then boom! But I'm hopeful I will get back on track. Lot of stress right now so taking care of ME!


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