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No hep from doctors

I suffer from boated stomach lower and round my midriff,this all started about 3 years ago and im worse now than i was then,had my gallbladder removed about 2 years ago and left with a tight feeling where it used to be,i now look and feel like im in the later stages of pregnancy(by the way im 68)not much quality of life and find it so uncomfortable,have tried various remedies and paid a lot for them but nothing seems to help have also put on 2 st in the last 2 years,was back at the docs this week and she has arranged for another ultra sound ,when she examined me she said it felt like air??

Doctor at hospital said it would go away and see's me at 6 month intervals,but after 3 years i have my doubts,it is really getting me down now and don't see any cure cant even go on holiday,a trip to Tesco is a big event now.

Anyone out there have the same problems??

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Me. I have the same problem,I really don't think there is an answer to yours or my Tum,I've been asking the same question for years and no one has an answer.

Also like you I've had no quality of life either,I have to tell my hubby if he wants me to go anywhere I can't plan it ,wait until morning and I'll decide if I can go anywhere.

We haven't had a holiday in 7-8yrs. So NO your not alone there's lots of us out there all feeling the same. The day anyone comes up with a cure for IBS (if that's what you can all it) they'll become multi millionaires.

Just keep working on it who knows it could be me or you.lol. I know not funny.😅😪😪😪😪


Have you tried elimination diet to find out what affects you. Common things which may be the cause could be gluten lactose onions fruit with stones apples pears soya pulses garlic. Try looking at FODMAPS . Also keep away from coffee and alcohol.


You are not alone.I've had this foryears and no definite diAgnosis,only assumptions of IBS age or menopausal.I also had increase in distension after laparoscopy to remove gallbladder.never accepted weight gain as being localised to stomach.hope you get answers soon.


Hello Megans, I'm 68 and although I think I've had diarrhoea "issues" for many years, (morning rush, not even leaving the restaurant before an episode etc.) it wasn't really a problem. Until now! Following a short episode of severe stress I have all sorts of pain, upper left particularly, and accross midriff. Low FODMAP diet seems to be sorted the d, now trying good pro biotic which I think MAY be helping. I really do feel for everyone, and have you heard the one "Older people don't get ibs?"

That one just adds stress on stress because it simply is not true. One thing I will say is that for older people it is so much hard to start messing about with a radical diet, clearing your cupboards for new more expensive "stuff". It takes energy I just don't have. You will almost certainly lose weight with eating 6 small meals a day by the way.

Sorry this is sooo long, I would love to hear from other "almost" oldies!!

Good luck to you all,

Nobiker x


Hi there nobiker I'm also 68 and. Suffer .Was wondering what you take for the pain as most things I take sometimes make it worse?


Im only 30 but ive had the pregnant like bloating for as long as I can remember and had every test and diet and treatment possible and nothing has helped.


Are you on any anti depressants. The ones I was on seemed to aggravate the problem, changed and a lot better.


Ive been on about five different ones and only one sort of helped but the mental side effects were too much for me.


Try cutting down on carbs as after gallbladder removed it seems harder to digest and metabolise them.


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