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help...is this ibs???

hello im a 17/18 year old male

After Christmas i begun having pains in my stomach underneath my chest and constant burping slight nausea too and i kept having bouts of constipation, my doctor prescribed antibiotics which seemed to move everything along abit  but didnt solve the pain, i then begun to start having pains under my right and left ribs and  then he prescribed a ppi antacid which just made my pain worse and bowel movements where all over the place with mucus mostly constipated i was also waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, when i came off the ppi my pain now isnt as bad but i still get the od pain around my hip, belly button it was more gassy and bloaty and pressure on the ppi, but now its like a stabbing that comes and goes and a feeling in my pelvis its gone more diarrhea now........the one thing i noticed in all this is that their is white bits and undigested food in my BMs and my wipe is usually clean, have had blood tests done came clear and had my stomach checked loads its not hard, is it ibs? the one thing i noticed is if its food that annoys it its not straight away it would be more delayed i used to drink a lot of coffee for someone my age he tested for celiac and said that was clear but i have allergies and psorasis so it has to be gluten related?

my symptoms are 

C/D or CD sometimes normal BMs

pain more stabbing now below rib above hip

constant belching sometimes other gas

sometimes tiredness

but weirdly no bloating  that iv noticed

my mucus is like more greenish with C and orange and runny with D 

is this IBS?

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It could be IBS, but it certainly doesn't sound like something life-threatening. However, I know from personal experience that that's small comfort when your symptoms are so bad.

I suppose I have several questions. Why did your doctor prescribe antibiotics? Did he or she do any tests to check for infection and which drug did they give you? You may have found that the antibiotics helped because IBS-type symptoms are often caused by bacteria in the gut, so by getting rid of some of these bacteria, things may have temporarily improved.

I also find it interesting that your symptoms got worse when on a PPI. Did you doctor offer any explanation about why that could be? I'm an analyst and scientist by training and it's weird, unexpected things like that which I often think are the biggest clues to what could be going on.

You mentioned the colour of your stools. I wonder if perhaps you have bile acid malabsorption (https://thesensitivegut.com/2016/02/15/bile-acid-malabsorption-an-unrecognised-cause-of-ibs-diarrhoea/). However, I think it's unlikely because I wouldn't have thought it would lead to belching. You may instead find that the food in your bowel, and the weird colours, are because for whatever reason food is moving through your gut too quickly, so digestive compounds and food aren't absorbed in time.

Some people might also suggest you have what is known as SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth - where bacteria that should reside in your large intestine make their way further upstream. There are some tests that may identify this, although from my last reading of the literature they are not 100 percent accurate.

You asked about gluten. There is some thinking that some IBS may be triggered by a sensitivity, but not an allergy, to gluten. This wouldn't show up in a test for coeliac disease. You find that many IBS sufferers choose to go gluten free. However, it could also be other compounds in foods containing gluten that are the contributing factor. For instance, our bodies cannot digest the fructans in wheat, but bacteria love to feast on them. There is one diet where fructans, and a number of similar compounds, are eliminated from the diet and then reintroduced to work out which ones trigger an individual's symptoms. This is the low FODMAP diet and I'd recommend taking a closer look at it, especially if there are no obvious and immediate dietary triggers.

It's interesting that your symptoms happened just after Christmas. Had you been on any other drugs around then, or were there any other significant events in your life around the same time?

By and large, under the general description of IBS, you probably have it. However, as many people will attest to on this forum, the diagnosis of IBS may mask the true cause and I think there are several things you could possibly explore and will need your doctor's, or a specialist's, help with. It can take a while to work out how best to treat an individual's IBS but people on here are always willing to help and give their own opinions, thoughts and support. The last bit of support I would give is that there are other medications you can receive for IBS, both to help manage the pain, and to help control the gut. Finding the ones that work for you are a matter of trial and error. The NICE guidelines in the UK - nice.org.uk/guidance/cg61/c... - give some idea of the range of drugs you can be treated with, and I'd also ask your doctor for help trying to find the most suitable ones for you.

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