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Another lovely subject matter from me! 

Anyone else suffer with piles? I've had external ones for several years. Other than being a bit unpleasant they don't usually cause my any pain or problems but after a week away (lots of eating, drinking and over indulgence) I've had an ibs flare up and this time they feel really sore and uncomfortable. I'm only 29 so this is very embarrassing for me. 

Does anyone have any tips or remedies? Or recommendations for good over the counter cream? 

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From the pharmacy- anusol hc or equivalent. Was given by gp years ago and still use to good effect.


Same as Lisahelen.  Anusol has always been very good when I have used it.


I prefer Germaloid ointment, soothes the pain better and helps shrink them.


Any suppositories if internal,  the cream or ointment is the best, germoloid etc, my doc told me to use my finger to apply, as awful as it sounds insert too, a couple of treatments worked well,  hope this helps . 


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