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Hi all!

So a few weeks ago I mentioned I had the Hydrogen Breath Test to see if I had a bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in my gut, and it came back positive.

I'm now about to be prescribed the anti-biotic tetracycline and was wondering if anyone else has been on it? My sister has and she said all it gave her was trouble swallowing, but I worry that it'll make my already-bad nausea even worse! I'll still take the antibiotics of course, but want to know what I'm in for.

It's also worth mentioning that whilst I've been ill I've seen 4 different gastroenterologists and every single one said there was "No possible way" i could have the overgrowth and that the breath test was an extra precaution before referring me back to my GP - so dont accept the first thing they tell you, keep pushing!!!!

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My son takes tetracycline and has no side effects at all, but obviously everyone is different.

But I also wanted to say "well done" for keeping on pushing, it's nice to hear that you proved them all wrong!

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Hi pseudenim, did the GP do your breath test? 


No it was the gastroenterologist at the hospital :)


Take it always on a full stomach.  Take Sacromyces boularii with it twice a day, this is a helathy yeast which has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of antibiotic related diarrhea (get it at a vitamin store).  Take digestive enzymes every time you eat.  Take peppermint oil (Enteric Coated) twice a day  to help with bloating. Do not exposure your skin to the sun as you will get an extreme sunburm.  Good luck, it will help a lot.


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