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Spelt bread

Hi fellow sufferers, I haven't been on the site for a while as I have been doing quite well. However, I was under the impression that I could tolerate spelt bread and I have been having a couple of slices daily, but now have stomach pain and occasional diarrhoea which had stopped after being wheat free.

Ideally I would like spelt sourdough, as recommended by Monash University. Does anyone know where I can find some please? It seems like hens teeth!!

Many thanks,

No Biker

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If you're buying commercially-produced spelt breads, you may well find that they contain common wheat as well to make them rise better - Sainsbury's certainly does as do many from 'artisan' bakeries. I've got a breadmaking machine that will do several types of spelt loaves and this is the only way I can be sure that it's free of common wheat.

My intolerance of any wheat is fairly mild and I can eat the common kind 2 - 3 times a week (spread out over the course of) with no problems and spelt 5 - 6 times a week.

I've only been able to find spelt sourdough at Waitrose, but it, too, contains some ordinary wheat.

I'll be interested to see if anybody else can come up with more info.



Gail's Sourdough 100% Spelt Bread has no wheat. ocado.com/webshop/product/G...

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Posted too soon! The Gail's bread is available in Waitrose. Here is some excellent info on low FODMAP sourdough bread



Thanks Sarah, I have been on the low FODMAP diet since last September and am reintroducing foods VERY cautiously!! 

I would just like to get to the bottom of this damn problem, as I think we are all just treating the symptoms, with varying success.

Managing foods certainly helps, and you get to know pretty well your own tolerances. Then something bites you in the bum and you're back to square one!!!

I'll try the sourdough spelt. Many thanks, No biker


Wholefoodsonline do spelt and sourdough bread. I am just about to try the sourdough seeded loaf.


Thanks to all who responded to the sourdough question. I'm on the case......

No Biker


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