Pelvic pain

Does anybody get bad pelvic pain with their ibs? I have chronic constipation with mine at the moment can easily switch to diarrhea. Yuk

Bit this pain and bloating to looking 9 months pregnant is new to me. I've had a scan and there's nothing sinister bit it's constant and I can't sleep properly. It's like a burning in my cervix. No urine infections either. Dr says it's my ibs. Feeling desperate. I'm eating all bran yuk. But I'm totally bunged up. Any ideas? Xxxxx

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  • Hi

    Yes but that goes with the constipation unfortunately, I would try using the 8 sachets of laxido or movicol if you read up on inpacted constipation it tells you that the diarrhoea is common it's pretty grim reading but it makes sense.Also sometimes it's better to avoid fibre until the constipation improves as it can sometimes make things worse,kiwi fruit are really good for constipation and taste a lot better than all bran.

    All the best


  • Why aren't you my Dr? Never been told this. I've heard of movicol! I'll see if I can buy some. I'm so bloated and tender. I haven had albran today. Couldn't face it. Just soup. Dont fancy anything really. Thanks for your reply. Xxx

  • I have every sympathy for you there's nothing worse your doctor should of been more helpful some don't give much help though.Ask at the chemist I got mine from the supermarket chemist and it works fairly quickly hopefully you will feel more comfortable soon.


  • Thank you treez. Still laid up. But got a busy few days so have to get on with it. Have a fab easter. Xxx

  • Avoid dairy and gluten if you're not already!

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