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Hello all uv probably seen my moany posts recently going through a really bad ibs d flate up at the moment with gp referring me to gastro with suspected ibd. However i went to see her again yesterday as iv been having so much upper abdominal pain since last week and its not settling down. Iv been unable to get to sleep as when i lay down i feel gnawing pain at the top of my right rib cage and an acidy heavy feeling. Iv also been sweating on and off all night long and had terrible scoots. She has gave me ranitidine to try but im very wary of new medications as u all know u never know how it will affect you personally. I was once given omeprazole to try and it was terrible the stomach pain i got from it was horrendous. Hence my reluctance. So are any of you taking this and has it helped or hindered or affected stomach pain in any way? I had a brainwave that this pain started after i took an old drug i was prescribed for back pain called naproxen. I took it as a one off to help with menstrual cramps last week and have been unwell since. Lesson learned. Never again!!

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Normally called by trade name ZANTAC it's an antihistamine to stop excess acid caused by rich and fatty food and to treat gastritis and pre ulcer conditions ,been around for years taken it for years


My 14 yo son was given this for his abdominal migraine. It helped him indeed but the doctor limited the prescription to 4 months as he became stable.


So i decided to try the ramnitidine and ended up with yet more stomach pain so i have now stopped all medications and am following fodmap and my belly is slowly feeling a little better. Had a blip tonight iv had a constant headache probably my body detoxing itself anyway after working at a pc all day iv ttook 2 paracetamol and can feel my stomach burning with acid.#sigh# looks like im foregoing them aswell for now 😩


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