need some advice not sure which group to write in

hey basically for the past couple of days ive been having really bad nausea and stomach pains and im not sure if it feels like trapped wind or that im going to be sick if you know what i mean, also ive got bad headache, feel weak and not my self, my breasts really hurt and are tender (sorry for tmi) just wondered what it could be?

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  • Hi, I'm not being rude, but could you be pregnant?

  • its okay your not being rude and did one this morning and it came back neg, was kinda hoping i was, as got that many problems and didnt want another and i really want another child before i cant have anymore if that makes scene

  • It could be a false negative my sister tested negative until she went in for a blood draw but it definitely sounds like your prego to me

  • Hi how are you feeling today,has there been any change ?

  • Hi,

    Is your period due, it sounds like it with the trapped wind, stomach pains, headache and painful breasts. Periods tend to make IBS symptoms worse. Also for painful breasts you should take Evening Primrose oil capsules as these will help ease the pain immensely. Also Probiotica 7 capsules from Holland & Barret are truly fabulous for controlling IBS symptoms, they have changed my life after taking them.

  • how are you today and have you done another preg test

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