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This will probably sound bad but nobody likes to have a flare up in public, ideally, home would be best! When this occurs though, what do you do concerning a bathroom? I'm a little nervous as I'm usually fine however I'm moving work spaces and I'm unsure what bathroom is best to use, ladies have a tendency to linger and gossip which isn't great during a flare up! Any help please!

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Personally - I have made the choice to do what has to be done and own it. I also believe that we all suffer from something that most cannot relate to no matter how much you tell them about it.

Unless you are doubled over in pain and crawled up in a ball on the floor it cannot easily be related to.

I have told all my co -workers and most get it now - they know there can be trouble.

I admit it to the classes i teach as part of my intro - "hey - just a fair warning - if I run out of the room, or pass out, I will be back! Well if I pass out, someone push me out of the way and continue on"

I have found being open can help my symptoms greatly as when you are stressed, your gut reacts - they are connected fully if you ask me from my experience of 20+ years of IBS or worse symptoms.

All I know is this, if someone came bursting into the wrong bathroom in an emergency situation, I could totally relate to that.

Sadly I think its probably easier for a guy to say that, in the case of women into the men's bathroom, and its a different story the other way around.


Of course I want to be better and not deal with it....

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Howdy Sam, I know you meant well in this post... But the things you talked about are very Old Hat to I would say 98% of all of us who have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to 'figure it out'.... Sometimes you can...sometimes you THINK you have found the answer when VOILA...hello again!!! Guess who is back.... That is the reason they have labeled it a Syndrome... Not One Size Fits All... :)

Plus IBS can be SOOOOO 'creative'.... it can affect you one way for quite some time...then OOPS...let's try C instead of D .... let's think up brand new symptoms, etc...

,,,,and oh yes Mermaid!! Years ago when I had regular ol' ibsD... I would simply have to stake out WHERE the bathrooms were...which ones were the most easily accessible.... and sometimes, even resort to...wearing 'extra padding'....


Hahaha lovely, thanks again x

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Use the disabled loo


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