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Too much fibre ?


Has anyone else got impacted from eating too much fibre ? I eat whole grain everything , bread, cereal high fibre fruits tons water yet I get awful constipation which leads to impaction then I start panicking ! I’m wondering whether it’s the fibre clogged me up so I’m going low fibre see if it helps , always thought more fibre less constipation !!! Not here lol

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You could be onto something there. I had one small slice of Rye bread yesterday. It said on the wrapper very high in fibre. That's why I only had one slice. Today I was bunged up and I consider myself to have IBS(D)!

Pansy2 in reply to Maureen1958

I’m seriously thinking fibre is no good for me have you searched for fibre menace it’s a book x

Maureen1958 in reply to Pansy2

Just googled it. Glad I don't generally eat a lot of it!

Pansy2 in reply to Maureen1958

I’ve always ate lots and always been bunged up lol ! Now I know my enemy

I just looked it up, you're right. Better start drinking lots of water!

Try digestive enzymes they aid the digestive process. There are some natural ones.Alternatively use foods that can soften the stools, but you need to watchout you don't over do it, for obvious reasons!

I eat wholemeal instead of whole grain breads. I don't drink a lot of water although I do increase the intake as required.

Mostly I have gotten rid of highly refined and man made foods and cut back on red meat.

If all else fails see your Dr for prescription laxatives.

Pansy2 in reply to Cheyne13

Many thanks x

Kcox in reply to Cheyne13

Where can you buy digestive enzymes?

Pansy2 in reply to Kcox

Amazon or Holland and Barrett I think x

Cheyne13 in reply to Kcox

Google digestive enzymes and you will find there are natural ones you don't have to pay through the nose for.

Pansy2 in reply to Cheyne13

Many thanks x

Yes you’re right. Fibre is not as important as they make it out to be. Obviously you need some but if you have a fragile digestive system you can overload it.

I have ulcerative colitis and in recent months, instead of being very loose, I have become constipated. So I thought I would eat more fibre and for a couple of weeks started eating bran flakes for breakfast. I have become so constipated that I am bleeding rectally more than before and had to have a blood test yesterday as a result. I firmly beliebe it is the fibre which has caused a new and severe UC flare. It has done the exa t opposite and I am just as constipated. I

Pansy2 in reply to Kcox

Hi there it’s awful isn’t it I googled fibre menace yesterday it’s a book very interesting !! Don’t think I will be eating much of it from now on lol x

Hi Pansy2 have you tried a handful of dried raisins and drink water every morning. This has stopped me from constipation since about January. Hope it works for you. xx

Hi there the sulphites in the raisins make me have awful gas x

Hi! I think it all comes down to soluble and insoluble fibre....

I find 2 kiwi fruits a day and plenty of water helps me, must try the handful of raisins suggestion too

I have both oats , whole grain bread , pears , soups, salads , weetAbix , fruit all to no avail , flaxseeds have always been impressed with my healthy diet Shame my gut hasn’t !! Many thanks x😆

Isn't it weird how eating the things we are "supposed to" can have such bad effects?I suffer with IBS-A and trying to find a balance has become a full time juggling act!

I’m with you on the fibre overload been doing some experimenting myself!I have noticed when I don’t drink loads I am more bunged up. So yes it’s a balancing thing I think,! Who needs doctors heh!

Pansy2 in reply to Meeowla

Hi there swear there’s a fibre conspiracy going on !! Lol x

I have just been advised to stop all gas producing carbohydrates such as cauliflower, broccoli, onions, garlic and I suppose lots more of my favorite foods . I'm not quite sure what else to stop having. The consultant said that they were some sort of carbohydrates but I'm not sure what else is included (any thoughts?) I thought that I was eating many of the correct foods but seems that I don't know as much as I thought. 🤫

Pansy2 in reply to fairmaiden10

Hi there gas producing foods like cruciferous veg break down to produce gas think of all the farters at Xmas after the sprouts !! Also foods containing sulphites are a no no like died fruit .low fodmaps are advised sometimes x

Pansy2 in reply to Pansy2

Apples , pears anything that takes forever to break down in gut x I’m sure you will get some better advice of others soon x

fairmaiden10 in reply to Pansy2

thankyou so much x

Hi, i was always lead to believe fibre is good for the gut, but my gastro specialist says that’s not the case, said to me cut down on veg and especially salad and other fibre.....and there i was thinking my diet of salad and veg was good for me !!

Yay finally a doc who says fibres not most people’s friend .we think we are doing ourselves a massive favour by eating healthy food especially fibre . Fibre expands and absorbs water the insoluble also irritates the colon walls . Can either cause diarrhoea or constipation as the expanded poo too big and hard to get rid of lol x I found out the hard way x

I’m trying low fibre now trouble is don’t know what to eat always ate healthy like you salads veg etc , think majority of people ok with high fibre but the minority no x what are your symptoms that led to consultant telling you this ? X

Hiya, my symptoms are (sorry too much info): some times constipated for a few days which then gives me aches and pains centre and left side stomach / abs, gurgling, excess belching / burping, then mainly later afternoon - eve really bad excessive foul wind. Then other days out the blue have BM which is then cow pat style (lots) then later that days aches and constipation again for a few days , sometimes have a few days when things seem calmer. Had endo / colon / scan / bloods etc all okay, don’t think my health anxiety helps either. I still eat veg and salad as work out and keep fit so try and eat clean. Eat white meat and eggs too and rice. Arrrrrr it’s so frustrating !

Same here doing all the right things exercise , lots water , high fibre .could cause blockages I presume fibre is really hard to digest and if there’s not enough fluid in intestines it dries out causing constipation so you go docs they tell you eat more bloody fibre you get blocked up again drives you mad !! X🤪

It’s crazy - I think at times surely this isn’t right feeling like this 95 pct of the time and others can’t be the same - but seems from this forum they are 😒

Causes people a lot of anxiety I’m still waiting to see consultant have had problems for years , the pandemic has delayed services . I only have pain right hand side had ct scan not long ago that was ok but get a tugging feeling right hand side horrible x

I agree. I feel fibre blocks me up and have left off having wholegrain cereal for breakfast recently and feel much more comfortable for it.

Pansy2 in reply to Leo70

Have not had any wholegrain bread or cereal or oats for 2 days I honestly feel better for it no bloating or pain yay x pity tho I love them foods x

Interesting post. I eat a lot of fibre and its causing constipation so after this im going to dial it back a bit and see what happens. Just goes to show IBS is such a nightmare. My GP told me to eat a high fibre diet! Clearly theres a fine line. Thanks for posting.

Pansy2 in reply to gurgleguts

Your welcome let us all know how you get on x

It’s not just that high fibre is difficult to digest but that the grains we eat haven’t been prepared properly. Traditionally wheat, oats etc were soaked, sprouted or soured before use

The biggest step forward for me was the elimination of highly processed foods and man made rubbish. Ditched the man made substitutes as well, they were killing my kidneys.I keep it simple with fresh and natural were ever possible and only drink water. I doubt it would work for everyone but it has for me and I'm able to eat the occasional small tipple of foods I know gave me grief 6 months ago. I eat small amounts of raw onion and get away with it. Two reasons, 1 I love it and 2 it is a digestive enzyme I already have in the pantry. Being on such a restrictive diet is not everybody's cup of tea and never was mine either. But it does work for me so I'd be a fool not to persist with it. The upside is I generally feel better for it, my anxiety levels have dropped a little and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The downside is no restaurants, fast food or those delicious sticky cream buns I see every time I go for the grocery shop. The thought of winding the clock back 6 months stops me actually buying any of the food that I don't really need. I can safely walk on by without a moments hesitation. The brain recognises it as poison for me, until I sneak a taste, then it remembers it was scrumptious last time and it is all over, yet again. Three more days of hell is about to rain down on me for being such an idiot. Fortunately these times are becoming less and less.

Going sugar free is helping the brain to grip the concept that it doesn't need to lust over sugar and the wanting is no longer that strong.

I tried many theories but nothing really worked until I was forced to switch to a kidney , diabetic, IBS friendly diet. Not really forced, change or kill yourself, there was an option on offer! Amazing what you can do when you have too.

The reality is for those with CKD, diabetes and IBS there is no recognised diet, plan or recipes, it is all about figuring it out for yourselves. It effectively eliminates all the wonderful foods there are, leaving you with the little that are left, which equates to not a lot of fun with food. So now I eat because I have/want too to stay alive, I'm not eating because because of the lust for sugar or food.

With IBS you have to just keep plugging away ( no pun intended ) until you find what works for you, or doesn't and stick with it ( damn, no pun intended there either).

I try to balance what I eat and my fluid intake against any exercise I may do, or not The more exertion the more fluid required the more laxative type food that is required and the less food that causes the blockages. This also works in reverse as I get both IBS D and C switching periodically.

When you have gotten that sorted then there is anxiety which also causes a lot of the IBS problems we get. For me that will always be a work in progress.

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