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Hi new here just getting concerned a little now. It all started 11 weeks ago with sudden bout of the d with was rather intense for about 7 days. After this stopped I just couldn't shake off the abdo pain and have been full of wind. I got sent for an ultrasound because I have health anxiety and I was convinced it was my pancreas. Scan came back clear everything looked normal. My bloods are normal apart from slightly raised crp which doc assured me is common with pi-ibs. I've been put on mebeverine for the cramps. I was having a lot of burping which has stopped now thank god. I have been stressing a lot lately an now have a niggling ache in my back below my ribs just above my hip on left side does anyone else get similar symptoms. Any comment will be helpful I'm really anxious it's something really bad at the moment.

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Hey! Welcome, im a 19 year old girl who got IBS during prime exam time and thought it was the end of the world, really, accepting the condition is just inevitable. Your symptoms sounds similar to mine so please don't stress or think you're abnormal, with this condition, it's normal I promise you! I, alike you, have IBS D! It can be a bitch at times to deal with as sometimes, nothing warns you that it will occur, this is where preparation is vital! As you have had IBS for 11 weeks now you say, I assume you know certain "triggers" that kick off your IBS? Sometimes i have found it occurs without reasoning - that isn't nice! If I were to give you any advice it would be to keep a check on your body. Knowing what triggers you is really important as everybody is different - no individual body is the same. Stay away from asking the entire internet on google because majority of the time, it will lead to life threatening stories that does not concern us at all - you have done the correct thing in coming to am IBS forum! Please don't miss out on social events because you feel you're alone and isolated - just be prepared for the worst possible outcome! Life really doesn't have to stop because of a little milestone! Take care, continue to notice changes, take a deeeep breath and relax - everything becomes more understanding and vastly better with time! All my best, mermaid28


Thanks for the reply I realise the importance of not asking doctor Google after it caused so many sleepless nights, I have found certain foods make me worse and stress so I suppose that's consistent with ibs.


I get the rib/back ache too. Not nice! I've had a colonoscopy and laparoscopy because I was convinced it was something serious. My GP is now suggesting a holistic approach with counselling etc, perhaps give that a try? Health anxiety is awful to deal with xx


I agree it takes over my life some days most of the time i think its the worst case scenario i have my first gi doc appt on 27 hope that will ease my mind a little.


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