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PI IBS - can't live like this


I am 3&half months into this stomach problems. It started with ascariasis in my small bowel which was detected very late. I have taken 3 rounds(15 days) of antibiotics, doctor was suggesting more, I refused. Prior to this I have never had any gi issues. I tried rifaximin low dosage for 5 days. I usually have 2 bowel movements in the morning, first one is quite normal, second one is Unformed and sinks to the floor entirely. I have discomfort/pain most parts of the day. Can somebody please suggest me how to get rid of this soon, after reading a bit what I understand is that it goes away on its own although the time varys.

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I am just 23 years only, male & sporty. This has put my whole life off track, I don't have any history of anxiety or depression.

Hello. I know what you're going through. I'm 3 years ahead of you now. Check out my profile for a post I wrote called pi ibs a living nightmare. My story.

I wasnt in best health before I got food poisoning, but I was ok. I was a full time self employed electrician working hard, I never went back to work properly. I moved back home with my mum and had to re build my life, compensating for this horrible condition.

Unfortunately for you, you are in the very early stages where it's the most distressing. It will subside and many people make full recovery. Give your body time and plenty of rest for your mind, stay in touch with your doctor if you can and except any test they want to give you.

Every ibs is different, some are chronic and some more manageable. Start keeping a food diary and monitor how your condition alters with what you eat. You can see a diatition who can help you with this if you need.

Medications you can try are things like Buscupan, mebeverine. Many of us ibs sufferes are on a antidepressant called Amitriptyline, not for depression but it's good for the pain.

Hope your journey to recovery is a quick one :)

Thanks Rob, I read through your profile. I can't imagine the pain you've gone through with this. My situation is not that bad and I am hoping I recover in the next 2-3 months. I really hope you end this night mare soon. I am in India so I have a lot of ayurvedic & spiritual help.

Gastroenterology is a joke now for me, they don't know shit. Don't take one more medicine in your mouth. Let me know if you want some ayurvedic supplements from here. We have to focus towards yoga & other spiritual medicines to get the balance of the body right.

I like the way you talk. I don’t do meds from the doctors and my IBS is manageable I take natural things like Inulation, body biotics, allegany nutrition enzymes, moducare, and glutamine. My IBS is manageable now. I was seeing a Kinesiologist for a while but she passed away and I miss her a lot. I would go to the doctors here for things and they didn’t know what to do. I would go to her and she would fix me up right away. She has me on a whole new regiment of natural things to help cure not cover up. I am healthier Now at 61 then I was at 21.


I have had this problem for about 6 months now but have had ibs most of my life. Kept it under control diet wise but would have flare up.

I had massive flare up over easter which resulted to hospital stay as they thought i had diverticultius pumped me full of antibiotics.... i got worse and worse

I went to see a nutrionalist / alergist who tested me for candida and alergies which because of the amount of antibiotics they gave me stripped my stomach lining that why i was in so much pain... it had also made me gluten and dairy intolerant! Never before but my stomach just wouldnt accept it... id b doubled up.

So i had to go cold turkey NO SUGAR! No dairy, no gluten for 8 weeks, to heal stomach. I had to take probiotics , digestive enzymes, candida tablets, peppermint oil. Three times a day before food. I stuck it out 8 weeks but my pain started to go literally within a week... i am now 6 months down line and have stayed gluten and dairy free as i prefer it, i feel happier.

My candida( leaky gut syndrome) had healed itself and i have more or less got the ibs under control.

I still take all the supplements to as this helps the gut flora and health.

Please look up candida and see what u think?

If not it will all help ur ibs anyway.

Best thing i ever did. Gluten and dairy, red meat can b very hard for a person with ibs to digest so it just stops ur gut and colon working harder

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I was lactose in my 40s but I got put on Inulation and body biotics and digestive enzymes ( allegany) and no longer lactose. Might give them a try!

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Sorry for my stupidness but what is inulation and body biotics?

Inulation is a powder it is a pre biotics and body biotics is a pro biotic packed full of nutrients your intestines need to run properly. I was lactose in my 40s and now I am not. It puts everything in your gut that’s needed to help it run good. You can research it and see what’s all in it.

Hi! I was wondering if you have an update on your PI-IBS journey? I’m newly diagnosed (3 1/2 months) and feel as if this will never end. The pain is unbearable at times.

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