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Hip and leg pains with ibs

Hi all, Im a 29 yr old male, I have suffered from ibs now for many years and over past 9 months started getting uncomfortable pains in my hips and the pains travel down my legs and into groin. I have been to doctors and have put me on tablets to relax me and to control it all, I have only been on them 3 days so not noticed any thing as yet,

I find that every day I have a ache or pain somewhere which I worry about but keep thinking it's only going to be ibs,

I have brought the fodmap solution book and going to follow the diets in there see if that helps. Any one else suffer from these pains in hips and legs? Or tried the fodmap diet?



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Not had hip and leg pain as a result of my IBS. However, I do notice pains all over my body at different times but I know they are nothing to worry about. Parts of our body will often hurt for no reason but unless it's associated with your gut I don't think it is IBS-related. However, I wonder whether your worries about your pains are signs of a more general anxiety that could also be contributing to your IBS. Do you think that's possible?

As for the low FODMAP diet, I've been on it for the last couple of years. It hasn't been the panacea I was hoping for but it has made some marked improvements. You may find the following blog post of mine helpful, too - patientj.wordpress.com/2015...


Hi Matt, don't want top add to your anxiety, but I also get pain in my hips legs and back, and all over my body, been diagnosed IBS-D a long time ago, and recently Fibromyalgia. I too thought it was down to IBS, but the pain stays way too long to be Bowel related. Have you been to your GP and told them about this. I am not saying you may have fibromyalgia ,this was just my diagnoses, it could be your body isn't absorbing nutrients, and causing you problems . Hope you feel better soon. Take care.


Interestingly, IBS and fibromyalgia are two conditions often associated with anxiety (although I'm not saying there aren't organic causes either - I certainly see evidence of this for IBS but don't know enough about FM to comment).

I've been seeing a therapist for the last few months and currently on citalopram and things are possibly making a slow improvement but a little too early to tell at the moment. However, I will add that I hadn't realised how anxious I was until I started seeing a therapist and recognising the symptoms.


Hi maybe I am wrong, and maybe I am right, but Fibro is a real pain, everywhere in your body, not sure if I am right in saying anxiety is the cause, new to FM but from what I experience, you use it you lose it and pay for it every time, which ever part of your body you use, can't in my mind see it can be anx. Sorry not being rude, as you say don't know enough about FM. We are all learning on here. I am glad your Meds are slowly taking affect , and I hope all works out for you with therapist. I wish you well. Take care.


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