Food poisoning and IBS

Hey so I had a stir fry at home on Wednesday night, prepared by my boyfriend who used a big bag of bean sprouts, some other veggies rice and tofu. After a couple of bites I thought it tasted funny but tried to keep going but eventually had to stop and make toast.

A couple of hours later, cramps and all matter of unpleasantness occurred which kept me in the bathroom most of the night. Two days on I'm still cramping and generally feeling awful and visiting the loo more than I should. I was thinking it was my IBS acting up and just ate plainly.

This evening my boyfriend gets a email from the shop where he bought the bean sprouts warning him the products been recalled due to salmonella detected in them. They know he purchased it from his loyalty card....

The thing is I ate maybe 7 spoons of it, whereas he ate a whole dinner of it. So are people with IBS more likely to get salmonella?

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  • No but you will have a more reactive gut. You should get a stool culture done if it's not settling over the weekend and be careful with toilet hygiene

  • Yes that's the plan, had hoped I'd wake this morning without cramps but no luck. thanls for replying!

  • Sounds more like your IBS I struggle with stir fry as took much veg - have a look at FODMAP diet x

  • Hi Nicki1984

    I don't actually struggle with veg, since going vegan my IBS has significantly calmed down, no pain, occasionally a bit of cat and mouse game with finding the right level of fibre but otherwise it's made a significant improvement for my IBS.

    I wouldn't usually have three straight days of the runs and cramps, even at my worst times. I was starting to wonder what was going on yesterday when the email came in.

    Thanks for replying!

  • Ok good luck x

  • Anyone can get Salmonella and as you have IBS it will more than likely heighten the symptoms more. Being tested for the food poisoning is the best thing you can do. I really hope you improve very soon.

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