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I decided to try Phenergan as I was so upset with IBS. At first I only had 10mg from Dr but now have 35mg. I have never had the double dose, I still wake up with bad tummy ache about 5 and take 2 buscapan. I am not in so much pain during the day which is better. Do Shona and Rosie think this has helped and what should I do next. Please reply as I am worried about Christmas.

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Hi Croque,

My main IBS prob was the morning rush to the bathroom, usually 2 or 3 times. Phenergan stopped that in its tracks and, although stools aren't properly formed, it's no longer diarrhoea and I only go once. I think Shona had the same issues as me.

The only pain I ever had was caused by gas which I still get if I indulge in too much dairy.


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Thank you Rosie for replying. Should I try the double dose? Have a lovely Christmas.


You could try 50mg for 2 or 3 nights and see if that works better for you - it's got to be worth a try!

Hope you enjoy Christmas too.


Mine is the same as Rosie's, but I am on propranolol, which is the same as phenergan just an antic anexiety pill from doc. I have gone from same as Rosie, d all the time to once in the morning, and mine did go back to normal for a week as well when I was following fodmaps.

I plan to be quite strict over Christmas, no alcohol, dairy free and follow fods, and think I will be ok. I have baked dairy free treats to eat and know what fods to eat and not eat, and have my pills.

I tried phenergan but made me sleepy, I like my naps, so got something else from docs, it is nice to have the anexiety of accidents taken out of the stress of this condition.

Good luck and do what works for you. X


I'm so sorry you are suffering so much . I have only taken 10mg per day . 35 would knock me for six. It's much better if you can take it at night as it settles everything down and I sleep better. My problem in taking it at night it gave me restless legs so I take it in the morning . It has worked so well for me BUT I do say it's only If your IBS is due to stress/anxiety and not food related. Buscopan was useless and I ate Imodium like sweeties. None of that now but please please don't expect the miracle you are hoping for it might take you longer .

Keep trying , I used to take Actifed to calm my tummy too . Phenergan is just my wonder drug and keep tweeking it to suit your needs .

I wish you luck and better health . Keep in touch and I'll try and help if I can


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Thank you so much for replying, it is Sunday now, Xmas day was good I felt not too bad at my daughters. I felt my tummy a bit after dinner. But I still wake up with pain and take Buscapan about 5 but it goes off the rest of the day. Today I have been twice loosish and I get tummy ache afterwards. I also get a pain round my heart or stomach maybe indigestion. Have just taken a Tesco indigestion pill.

As I only take two buscapan a day whereas I used to take 8 that is better so maybe Phenergan is helping. I take the 35mg.

Have a good and happy feel better 2016.


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