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Hi all,

I've had ibs with diarrhoea for the last 15 years, (I'm now 54)...for the last 9 years I have managed ok by eliminating certain foods (all the obvious......wheat, limited dairy, fats) but I find the biggest enemy is insoluble Fiber! (only discovered recently the difference between soluble and insoluble but luckily worked it out over the years) So no skins, seeds,nuts anything really plant based that's fibrous).

What's knocked my confidence recently is, I had an attack and didn't make the bathroom! (You can imagine the rest!) that's never happened before.....admittedly the day before I had some chestnuts ( I know what was I thinking!! ) ...has anyone else had this happen?

I'm trying to put it behind me but every time I go out now it's in the back of my mind, even though I'm blaming the chestnuts ...never to be eaten again! Any advice anyone? Help!

x Lin x

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Hi, I have had just that problem, frequently, due to having a vital part of

my bowel removed. My consultant told me to take Immodium which

of course it does work but it is impossible to establish any kind if regular routine. I was told about Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, I was really

surprised as I had never heard of it before. To cut the story short I

have never looked back, I take 1 tablespoon morning and before dinner

in the evening, in warm water with a little honey. It may not work for you

but may be worth a try, I havent needed to take Immodium for quite some

time which is a minor miracle to me. By the way I think oats are very good

for anyone with our problem.

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Thanks shirlygirly

That's really helpful, funnily enough I remember seeing something online about Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, but dismissed it as there are soooo many "cures" but I will definitely give it a try. Yes I've tried loperamide too, just a quarter capsule am and again at night, but like you say, it difficult to regulate (even though I'm not "regular") and yes I used to love oats so might give them another try.

Many thanks again

Merry Christmas

Lin61 x

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Thanks xxPandoraxx

I already take lemon in morn so maybe mix it together? ...how long does it take to have affect?



Hi Lin61, I use Braggs at the moment which I sent for from Amazon.

When I went into a herbalist type shop and they had some, not Braggs

but it was Raw Organic with 'the mother' and it was only £2.50 which

is much cheaper than Braggs. So do shop around, I was desperate so

didnt care much at the time about cost.

Merry Christmas to all and hope everyone has a trouble free Christmas.

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Like wise Hun xx


Unfortunately even if you find someone with the exact same symptoms as you, you will find that different things work for them. I was diagnosed 30 years ago with what is now known as IBS-D. I'm a no wheat and dairy person which keeps things even. But I can eat nuts. I do agree with seeds though. It is so important to keep focused and understand your own system. Good luck.

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Hi Lin, this is one of the probs for all of us I think when you have a flare up, chestnuts are a big no no for me, they could have been the problem. Try not to stress, as this will only make it worse.

Hope is slows down for Xmas. X

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Thanks Blue52

I suppose we are all in the same boat, all having the ibs but because everyone is different there's no one answer, it's so confusing, so you made me feel much better saying chestnuts give you problems as well (and it's not just me). I'm trying Apple cider vinegar at the moment, suggested by shirlygirly have you any ideas to help? I'm trying not to stress and just carry on ...in denial at moment trying to pretend it never happened!

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Lin x


I have had three bouts of IBS-D, in 2003, 2008, and now in 2015. Each time has been in midwinter, when we all get less sun. We make vitamin D in the sunlight, in our skin. I read an article recently about the link between IBS and vitamin D deficiency and I have tried it out. Taking supplements I had an immediate improvement and within a week I am pretty well clear of symptoms. If this is a coincidence then it is a weird one.

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Thanks Chrysalis1434

That's something I've never heard before! All tho I do take supplements already I'll look into vitamin d ....thanks Lin x


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