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Try acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I suffer from IBS mainly with constipation. Diet plays a big part in the symptoms and if I stick to the Monash University Low FodMap diet (download the app and you will find a guide which will help when shopping or eating out) and don't deviate then the IBS is resolved.However when I feel myself getting stressed and anxious I find acupuncture and herbs really do help. My sleeping and general well being improves. I go to a trained Chinese Doctor who has a practise in Sheffield and is brilliant! I came across this amazing lady when I suffered from an unknown illness back in 2001. I spent 2 years off work and placed on anti depressants only to find out I had ME which Doctor Jeing diagnosed and after receiving both herbs and accupunture I returned back to work a year later. if you would like her contact details then please let me know. I can only say do not go on anti depressants alternative therapy is the way to go for stress and anxiety!

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I'm 21 and have constipation, but the main symptom I suffer from is extremely abdo bloating. I live in Sheffield funnily enough:) but am a student so very reluctant to spend money unnecessarily.

Did the acupuncture work for bloating, if you had that symptom? Just a hard turgid abdomen?


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