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Different symptoms ( again)

Hi Fellow sufferers,

I wrote about a change in symptoms recently , where instead of the loo trips being in the morning they came after evening meal. I used to get D sometimes after a main meal but mainly mornings were bad then okay. This change has continued for a few weeks and I have monitored the situation and noticed the following changes.

After breakfast, ( green tea and toast usually), I feel mild pain and have gas. I feel like I am going to have an urgent BM but nothing -just wind. This dies down a bit but there is still this feeling of a BM probably IBS D on it's way -mainly discomfort. If I have say a ham sandwich at lunch time with some diluting juice , again there is a strong feeling of D is going to occur --but just more wind . So discomfort most of the day--sometimes there is relief if attention is distracted and focused on something.

Passing wind eases things but still the feeling a doze of D is on the agenda. By evening this has subsided again and I eat a sizeable meal, usually hungry by this point. After eating this, the symptoms return with a vengeance , loads of wind followed by an urgent BM , can be explosive diarrhea . This usually eases things completely pain wise but I cannot say I feel great after getting rid. It leaves you feeling a bit drained and worried about the cause and thinking what if I was out somewhere for a meal and had this. Also thinking what did I eat that my system wants to clear out so urgently.

After 48 years of IBS , you would think you would be used to this and accept it . To a degree I had and had worked my life around it in the morning but this change from morning D and then ok , to evening episodes has started up worry , anxiety and checking web sites etc to see if this is normal, or is something new happening and thinking should I look for food intolerance testing. One thought is that being retired changes morning routine and no work worries ,or stress setting off to work and maybe this impacts by not giving strong enough morning urge.

Has anyone out there experienced anything similar ,symptom wise , I just feel that if others have experienced the same , I might be able to just accept it and stop it filling my mind , it becomes like an obsession . I have my evening meal and wait for it to happen.

Hope to hear if anyone out there can help , at least to put my mind at rest. I do not intend going to Doctors , I just get told the same thing --basically go away and stop worrying about it. A couple of years ago , I asked to see a consultant and he listened , examined my stomach etc., then said you have IBS and have coped with it for years , just carry on and continue to work round it.



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Hi Will, Like you my BM's have changed from mainly being in the morning to anytime from mid afternoon to Late evening. My eating habits haven't changed much over the period of time but it does make you question your routine.

It does get you down and makes you fearful of going out when you're expecting an explosive episode. Have you maybe changed your bread or some other food?

I sprinkle linseed (flax) on my morning cereal and that, until recently, seemed to help. Hope things settle down for you soon. Maybe we just have to think, oh well the changing nature of IBS means we should expect the unexpected!

Sorry I haven't been any help. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. Ann


Hi tigerann56,

I thought that I had sent a reply earlier, just to thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I was having a look this evening but my reply did not appear. -- Perhaps it did not send properly.

Anyway thanks for reply--it helps to know you are not the only one to experience certain symptoms etc.


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Hi Will,

From my own experience and from what I've read on here, I don't think there's any other medical condition that's as unpredictably changeable as IBS (whatever that is!). You just think you've nailed it and then something different starts happening. It's very worrying at the time but also very common.

For my part, I originally sorted out all my trigger foods by doing FODMAPs. It wasn't easy as, not only is it a tough regime initially, but I found there were other foods which were low in FODs which also didn't suit, but I got there eventually and had about 90% control. However, as my diet was pretty restricted, I was always looking out for other solutions and when Shon48 posted on here a couple of months ago about how she'd accidentally discovered that an OTC anti-histamine-cum-anti-travel-sickness-cum-mild sedative called Phenergan had cleared up her IBS-D symptoms, I decided to give it a go. Much to my surprise and absolute delight, it worked for me too inasmuch as I only have to make one bathroom trip (first thing in the morning) and that's it for the rest of the day. Howzat for a result!

However, I sometimes still have a bit of a problem with wind which happens pretty much as you describe it, i.e. often after food and drink, I feel a huge surge of gas passing down my abdomen but, since taking Phenergan, instead of it resulting in a mad dash to the loo with an end result of explosive diarrhoea, it just seems to dissipate - sometimes slowly sometimes quite quickly. Last week I started using A2 milk (www.a2milk.co.uk) which is easier to digest than the normal A1 type and this has improved things quite a lot; I can now drink hot choc without too much of a problem. A post was also put on here earlier today where gripe water (used for wind and colic in babies) has been a solution for another forum member, so am planning on giving that a tryout too.

Hope this info might be useful to you and, at the very least, stops you worrying about symptom changes.


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Hi Rosie 218,

Thanks for your reply. I will give Phenergan a try, it sounds good .

For some reason , it some how feels good to know others have similar symptoms . Not really logical but still a sort of comfort.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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Thanks for your reply , I would like to try food intolerance testing but not sure where to go for this. On line there is one company who charge £14 to test if you have an intolerance to some foods, then if you have ,which seems quite likely, then you pay out a much higher sum to have further specific tests and results.

Then there is another, where you send a hair sample and it is given some sort of DNA testing and you get a result. This one seems more reasonable cost wise at around £54.

I would not object to paying a sizeable sum if I thought it was definitely a trustworthy company and the results reliable.

locally there are herbalist and various holistic medicine practitioners offering help in this area but just not sure what is best.

Thanks again for taking time to reply.



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