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Stomach aches

Does anyone else get this....I get burning sensation and feel constantly sicky right under my ribs in the middle in the stomach. I've never had it before and I have had every test does and have been told it's part of my ibs (I suffer with diarrhoea a lot for 4 years now) does anyone else experience these stomach aches? They aren't painful just icky and they stop me from feeling hungry as well and after meals I feel awfully full and have this dull ache.

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could it be due to acidity and/or gas ? I feel sometimes in the stomach burning sensation due to gas. Also, somtimes in ribcage on left side, but not often, only sometimes. I take some carom seeds, turmeric and black salt with some water whenever I have that irritating sensation in stomach. It helps me up to some extent. If you suffer from gas after meal, try taking fennel powder after every meal. Fennel is known to reduce gas and acidity. You can google on benefits of eating fennel seeds.


It sounds like you have GERD and indigestion. After eating don't lie down for at least an hour. I posted on this forum and my blog and Instagram recently about a few products I found to help called ' flying rabbit' it's magic to me. Www.coconutandwhat.com you can it online eBay Amazon or even in Thailand

It's such a horrible feeling and I get t a lot after eating lots of acidic foods. Try also taking apple cider vinegar 'with the mother' everyday.


I dontget this as much now, but remember the feeling, and yes it's part of IBS-D I found I got it if I ate Carbs, so I don't eat them now. But don't just cut them out find what might be triggering and leave it alone for a while and try it again and see if it happens. Everyone is diff as to what causes it.


Stress and swallowing air will cause this,try eating toast or banana slowly,drink mint and licorice or ginger infusionFennel seed diff to swallow


My son has had pain diorhear an d sick feeling for last 3 years with occasional all night bouts of being phisically sick. He was admitted to hospital at weekend and we saw a fab doctor who diagnosed constipation. He did an ex ray to confirm (although they don't normally do xrays for that) and has put him on laxatives. He also gave an enema and that got rid of the severe pain. Worth investigating this route. Hope you get sorted soon.



Ihave this if I eat the wrong food.At the moment I am on the low fodmap diet.

I take Gaviscon double action tablets and they really do work for me.

Give it a try.Let me know how you get on.

Good luck.



Thanks everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it!

At the moment I just get this horrible burny sick feeling in my stomach and never want to eat!

I just can't see how that's part of IBS because it's at the top of my stomach


Hello, I've had an endoscopy and they said everything looked normal! As for low stomach acid I'm not really sure?


I will send you link

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i do get them as well I was on xfaxin for 2 weeks and it helped a lot but now on budesonide for microscopic colitis as a trial I have had more good days then bad so far.


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