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Symptom Changes

In the last few months I have noticed some differences in my usual IBS symptoms and wonder if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing similar symptoms.

I can go two days feeling constipated , like I need to go to the Loo but nothing . A lot of flatulence after evening meal but no BM. Then on third or fourth day , again usually again after a meal , sudden pain ,gas and eventually an explosive BM. Pain usually goes but feels like insides have to empty, like clearing out something that that is not being tolerated. When it's all gone I feel a lot better.

I used to mainly have problems first thing in the morning and sometimes after meals, now it is sometimes in the morning but more often after a main meal. Seems like a change in symptoms and I don't think it is stress related.

Anyone experience similar symptoms ?

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I have found IBS changes all the time over the years. Your symptoms sound like mine when I have eaten something which disagrees with me. Have you done an elimination process like FODMAPS?


Hi sashapet,

To be honest I have not really tried something as detailed as FODMAPS.

I have had IBS for around 48 years and I have found most of the foods that upset me. However , having said that , there seems to be many foods which sometimes seem to effect me and other times no problem. Last night I had a bad episode and I had had a little ice cream with desert. I blamed it for the problem, as sometimes Ice cream in the past was thought to be the culprit, yet other times it has been tolerated without problem.

Thanks for replying , I am probably my own worst enemy because after all this time , when feeling well , I still risk things that are likely causes.

Having a bad spell and it is just getting me down. The change in symptoms was bothering me because I had pretty much learned to manage things as they were , however, now with it occurring more after meals it is probably going to present new difficulties, Thanks again.



I've had IBS for 29 yrs after a really horrendous time in Dubai with gastroenteritis . I have found that as I have got older various things have changed and I cannot now eat as many things as I could. I went on FODMAPS and it changed a lot of things so it may be worth another try. Like you I cheat occasionally and eat something I know will have an adverse effect and suffer for it afterwards!!

Good luck


Thanks again sashapet.

I think my IBS , which started when I was about 21 ,also followed a bad time with gastroenteritis .

I later was told by doctors that it was stress that was causing the problem and to some degree I could accept that might have been true. Maybe though , it is the IBS problems that cause the stress and it is all a bit catch 22.

It is not a great condition to cope with throughout life and hard for others to understand but there are worse illnesses so I guess we just have to accept things as they are and cope best we can.

I am currently concerned about travelling on holiday and eating out a lot, but I don't want to just give in to this .

Nice to chat and thanks for replying

All the best



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