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Hi all I have just found out that my family have a history of Fibromyalgia , I never even knew this had anything to do with IBS,until I saw it on here, and my Aunty died yesterday, and Boom, there it is. I just read up on it and I have all the damn symptoms. But can anyone who knows they have this, would it cause my two main muscles in my back to collapse after really bad episodes of diarrhea, and make me drop to the floor. Docs are not sure, so more test for this now I suppose.

And also does any of the Meds help the IBS.

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  • Hi Blue I have fibro and the pain can be exhausting particularly muscular pain. As for collapsing muscles can u elaborate a little? I know you can have an awful "fibro hangover" anyway let alone bouts of diarrhea.

    Wishing u well

  • Hi Will When I collapse I was told that the two main muscles that support your back, had collapsed I had had pain In both sides for a few days, and that was all, but I did have a week on the Loo , I spent nearly six weeks laying on my back then physio to strengthen them. It has only ever happened once, but when I found out about our Family history I just wondered if this may have been the problem. How are you keeping,? Haven't spoke in a while

  • Hi Blue like torchy said it can take many forms and have many many symptoms. I would say the muscle problem you had and I'm so sorry you had that is down to the ibs part of it all. Certainly though the muscle pain etc is the fibromyalgia. Hope this helps. W

  • FYI got this in my inbox today! About fibro. Dr Weil is a really good site and a good guy - he's American and looks everything from a holistic approach. Here's the link.


  • Hi blue.i have fibremalagia also and it can take on any different forms.i have all the symptoms too.i got diagnosed with it 18mnths ago at the queens med at notts.after being treated for rhumatoid arthiritis for years.i think all the meds i was on then have ' bugerd my stomach ' excuse my french ' i am in a fibre group theres not many about n it can take years to be diagnosed with it.theres a forum on health unlocked for fibro.theres lots of different ways fibro is.i dont know about splitting muscles.ibs is a symptom along as you know with many more.ive got arthiritis and along with fibro and ibs and arthiritis,i cant take many tablets now cos of my stomach.good luck n my best wishes.

  • Thank you Torchy, have a great day

  • You to blue.x

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