IBS and Gluten Free

I have suffered with IBS for over 10 years and when I saw people on medication controlling their symptoms I was jealous. Now I am in some control of most of my symptoms without drugs and am watching my friends go down the route of drugs no longer working, How you ask.

A friend suggested that I followed a completely Gluten free diet as I had noticed that if I ate too much bread or foods containing flour and gluten It would kick off my IBS. I was gobsmacked at how many day to day foods contained the one ingredient that appeared to be the bane of my existence. but three months later not only had it seriously reduced the attacks I had but I had also started to lose weight.

but the even better news for me was that ethnic foods mostly did not contain Gluten so curry's in gravy out.

Try It what have you got to lose, If it helps one person its worth the post.

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  • Hi this sounds very similar to me. Once I cut out gluten the bloating stopped completely, my exhaustion levels decreased and the weight started coming off - slowly and steadily. Even trace amounts in things like soy sAuce and stock cubes cause bloating. Such a difference. I much prefer to manage things by diet and I am fortunate to be able to at this stage. Glad you have been able to as well.

  • I have been gluten free for about a year and it has helped in many respects. However I now have symptoms I did not have before so I guess whilst one thing is better it transfers to something else. I think we just need to be thankful for the good days :-)

  • Cut out all gluten dairy and refined sugars along with pulses beans onions. Try it for a week you can only try. Subscribe to my blog I'm writing a segment on stomach issues and anxiety. coxonutandwhat.com

  • Cant seem to get onto your link, could you amend it please.

  • Sorry about that typo. That's for telling me. It's coconutandwhat.com

  • No worries, I have terrible problems with my stomach and stress so hopefully the blog will help. Regards,


  • "I was gobsmacked at how many day to day foods contained the one ingredient that appeared to be the bane of my existence."

    I think you it the nail right on the head here and zeroed right in on what is also the most DIFFICULT part of the struggle in changing one's diet! My first success story with ibs-d was to go on a totally grain free diet.... Funny how many think I can eat RICE... huh uh, nope, nada.... and oh MY what a challenge... BUT it helped when I thought... 'eat to survive and stay alive'.... and forget about COMFORT foods.... AND it worked...but you DO go through a 'detox' of sorts...but the lessening of diarrhea is the big encouraging factor... Good post you wrote, Huxchick!

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