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Hey gang! Hope everyone is doing okay and is feeling as stable, happy and healthy as possible today :) I've just started taking the anti-depressant Fluoxetine yesterday to try and control my anxiety (and therefore my ibs) and it's proving a royal pain with my symptoms. My main issue with IBS is the nausea, and this tablet is making it IMPOSSIBLE to eat. Whilst I can keep tiny bits of food (half a banana, small bowl of cereal etc) down, I do have sick coming up in my throat a lot and any thought of food leaves me heaving and reaching for the designated sick bowl. I'm basically living off the calorie supplement drinks my dietician prescribed and am losing weight, even in this short space of time. I'm not really looking for help or advice, just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation, and how long it took for them to get used to the new tablets?

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  • Not great news, but I tried Citalopram back in Jan, one 10 mg tab only at 5 pm. By 8 pm had diarrhoea and throughout the night about 7 times to 7 am. And another 4+ till 10.30 pm - I've never had it that intensely before. It was a Sunday and I had to 'phone the NHS line who told me to stop it immediately. I had been over 2 years deliberating on whether to try it or not, rather knowing it would have a bad effect on me, but people would say "Well how do you know, if you haven't tried it"? Well I have tried it now. I am thinking of trying Sertraline which the GP has given me as the anxiety with the IBS and sickness is so bad but of course part of me is very reluctant to try it. I am also thinking of trying homoeopathic sedation, but homoeopathy doesn't really work for a lot of people, but can say for sure it doesn't do any harm anywhere. Citalopram I am told does work very very well for some people.

  • Thank you dachsund! My doctor wanted to prescribe me Citalopram, too. But they usually have lactose in, and apparently fluoxetine is a bit gentler on your system (still not great but better!) it's been about a week now and I'm becoming more accustomed to it - can really feel the benefit! I'd recommend trying a different anti-d when you are ready, I also do meditation and things like that to stay calm. It's not always easy breezy and I do still get those intrusive thoughts, but its much easier to ignore them now. Best wishes x

  • Thank you so much Pseudenim. I have prescription from the chemist for Sertraline and will pick it up soon. I'm quite bad at the moment because of v. stressful problems, family illness and now squirrels in the roof. The management co. where I live does not co-operate and I am getting scared and nerves/anxiety dreadful. I took some Phenergan last night to sleep, takes edge off but hope Sertraline would be favourable and not make me unwell and woolly headed. Again I will only know if I try! I also do other things when I can and hoping to get to an acupressure/energy balancing appt tomorrow.

  • Sounds like a good plan! As I say I think the meds just take some getting used to and you have to grin and bear it. A friend of mine took citalopram and then a tricyclic one, he suffered from terrible night sweats/vomiting/insomnia etc for about a month before feeling any benefit. But he didnt regret it! Acupressure is a fab idea! I'm trying out clinical hypnotherapy soon :) Hope all goes well!

  • I started taking Fluoxetine two days ago - a low dose of 0.5mg and so far have had no side effects but no noticeable good effect. However the blurb does say it does take a bit to kick in. I think it would be unusual if to have side effects after one dose. I am going to persevere with it. I can't take Citalopram.

  • I have taken fluoxetine for years and mostly seem to be ok with it but occasionally I do get acid reflux after taking a capsule - have you tried taking it at night? Try to stick with it as the mental health effects are great

  • Hi Mary - yes I've taken it at night for the past two nights. The first I kept waking up with severe stomach pains/nausea/dizzyness all the usuals and felt wretched the day after. Persevered and managed to get a full nights sleep last night no problems! Feeling much better for it, thank you for your advice :)

  • I take Omoprazole for reflux, and I undo my capsules and mix with tot of squash!!! advised by doc!!

  • try motilium  or any medicine  brand that has the active ingredient  ( Domperidone ) or the better one for me ( Domperidone maleate ).

    it helps great deal with the nausea and calms down the whole digestive  system  as a whole. 

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