Suffering :(


I am undiagnosed ibs d, after gastric flu last Christmas things have not been right, lots of Drs visits and told to avoid dairy, and Drs said if that did not work she suspected ibs.

I have not been back to the Drs since as I felt they kind of laughed at me with all these tummy problems and I did not feel like it was an urgent issue, I am now thinking of going back as daily I struggle, where is the toilet, can I get there in time, what can I eat, did I eat the wrong thing. Having to work in a professional environment this is a nightmare.

I have been watching my foods and avoid lots of things inc dairy. I Am of small frame and a high metabolism and generally find myself starving now days, I used to enjoy brown bread and a variety of vegtables, I seem to be living on white bread and crisps now.

How do people manage this? Seriously!! I just want my life back. Thank you for listening.

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  • I think mine is stress related also as have gone through some loss in our family this year and still going through some more at the moment, I really do not want to go on anti d, would rather do this naturally.

  • Sorry you are in pain, I have tried most treatments , I watch for what upsets me then leave it out, can have a curry one week am ok but then have it again then hurts we are all different , what helps is hot water bottle then massage get rid of gas, last result half of co-codamol for D, hope this helps.

  • Thank you

  • Try the FODMAPS elimination diet. Download from Monash university their app . It is easy to follow so can do it yourself. Used through NHS but you would have to wait ages to see a dietician. On the meantime try cutting out gluten and lactose to see if that makes a difference . Good luck

  • Thank you sas, do you think you can get the app on an iPad?

    I already cut out dairy and sugar, am now thinking of cutting out gLuton as well :/

    I really need some tasty recipe ideas.

    Thank you

  • I wrote to u a long msg but I sent it to wrong myrtle check her page n u shud see my msg go u it's myrtle31. I wrote I was in need for 5 yrs but it shud hv been I was in bed for 5yrs. Shirt or smj2004

  • I could not find it so sorry :/ thank you for writing to me :)

  • Shirl smj2004

  • Hi Myrtle81:

    I can really sympathize with what you going through. I went through many in state doctors, and several out of state ones. Most of the them were nice to me; their were several of them that were rude and condescending.

    Another good website that is run by Heather Van Doross. The website is called : " Help for IBS". You can sign up for her newsletter. She has the latest information on IBS. For me, it was one of the best websites on IBS. Best to you.

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Myrtle,

    It seems to be common for IBS to kick in after a bad bout of gastric trouble, but you should get some tests done to eliminate any other possible causes since it cannot be given as a reason for your problems until all else has been ruled out.

    Go back to your GP and ask for tests to rule out coeliac and Crohn's, if results for those are clear then the next step is a colonoscopy. We all know how dismissive and condescending medics can be, but stand your ground and push to be taken seriously.

    In the meantime, I would try eliminating some of the usual culprits from your diet, i.e. wheat, barley, rye, lactose, the onion family and stone fruit.


  • Rosie, I have been on the fobs and it worked reasonably well for me and I was 'nearly' back to normal, obvis. lacking in the foods I like. Problem is I keep having tasty cakes or stuff in the red list.

    I think you are right about going back, but am scared to have all these tests :(

  • I think most people are a bit scared of having medical tests - scared in case anything bad is found and scared of the procedures themselves. However, it's such a relief to get them done especially as most people have clear results. Not one of the tests I've had turned out to be anything like as bad as I imagined and I felt a bit daft afterwards for having made such a fuss.

    FODs is such a stringent regime that we all fall off the wagon from time-to-time, deliberately eat something we shouldn't and spend the next two days regretting it, but we've nobody to blame but ourselves as I'm sure you know!

    Keep trying and do get those tests done.


  • Than you Rosie, x

  • Hi, having been undiagnosed for 9months & various tests, Endoscopy, Colonography, Colonoscopy I was eventually diagnosed this month with IBS & Lactose intolerance. Still waiting for an Apt to see the Dietician.....urgently a month ago at my request!

    You must go back to your GP & say you want to be referred to a Gastroenterologist for a definite diagnosis.

    You must insist on a referral, nicely of course as GP's are not Specialists & hence we have Consultant ps to help.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care

  • Thank you

  • Do try FODMAPS app available from Monash Universiry it is a real life saver for a lot of us this site

  • worked well so far, I keep falling of the wagon with tasty treats and cakes and fried food. When I was sticking to fobs it was working reasonable well :/

  • go back to dr ask for referral to nutrionist. crisps not good. try non wheat snacks.

    keep a food diary to see pattern.avoid plums, fruit skins. onions. try no coffee for a few days.


  • fobs was working well or me, but I keep getting lured by cakes :( and other treats, when I was doing well on fobs I was 'nearly' back to normal.

  • I think that the doctor should consider sending you for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy to determine that there is nothing else causing your symptoms - there are other bowel conditions

    If you are doing a dairy intolerance test keep a food and bowel movement diary to see what changes there might be

    You can substitute Pure dairy free spread in all your recipes - I use the vegetable one in everything, cakes, biscuits, mashed potatoes, etc

    There is lactose free cheese but it doesn't agree with me

  • Hello,

    Yep I use substitutes now, which are great and tbh I have cut right back on the dairy now. I started the fob's diet a few weeks ago, but keep falling off the wagon!! (mainly with cake) :(

  • Make your own cakes and biscuits

  • I do and they are super tasty. I use the lactose free stuff. I was out with a friend and had some cake, I suspect that set me off, was tasty though

  • God help u with what ur going through. I'm going through a lot of pain and suffering its not easy. I've tried all the medicines I can think of. I had diahorrea for 7 1/2 mths and now I'm constipated I take Colepermin for it and I find it very good. Have u tried yet? My pain is coming from Fibromyalgia. I'm on 28 tablets a day. I'm in bed most of the time or in the wheelchair. I pray u don't suffer anymore. Life is just so hard for some people ass u well know. Keep in touch and God bless you always. Lots of love, Shirl xx

  • Have you tried fods? I hope things getting better for you shirl and sorry for your suffering too.


  • Thank u for ur kind. Words. It's not easy lying in bed in pain 24/7. I hope u get better soon. I will pray for u. Lots of love Shirl xx

  • I too suffer from IBS Anxiety Fibromyalgia and M.E. Just recently I was diagnosed as Coeliac Disease so now I'm on a Gluten free diet for life. The test for it is just a simple blood test. You should get yours checked it wouldn't do any harm it could be the reason for your suffering. God bless

  • Travis have some good recipes online just do a search them. You can save. The pages and put them into a file

  • That should have been Tescos have some good recipes

  • Thanks. I am having bloods done in a months time, as that is the earliest the Drs can fit me in!!!! They are testing for over active thyroid at the moment.

    Drs also put me on peranadolol which has help with the anxiety, but they do contain lactose, which is making my poopies mushy!!!!

    Seems you can't get one fix, you either fix one thing and get something else!! I have a check up in a moth also!

    Love. X

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