I have read this 'FODMAP' word so many times and yet I am at a loss as to what it means I presume it stands for something like 'Food or Diet Making Arse Problems' but I doubt if I am right. I also understand it to be very secretive as I can't find much information on it other than it exists. Can anyone explain?

I know from experience certain foods 'do me in' and my list is very long as are the effects. Such as if I eat a grape I will suffer from acid reflux for a few hours, so I don't eat them! If I eat beef my joints hurt more than they do normally, so I don't! and so on.

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  • Hi, FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols. These are substances within certain foods that are common triggers for digestive issues. I dont think its secretive, in fact, NHS dietitians are familiar with this way of eating and can assist in following it. Theres a good iPhone app from Monash university that lists foods that are safe and those that are not. It costs a bit but makes it somewhat easier to follow. Im on it at the moment but i dont really have much self control so keep slipping up!

  • Loved your explanation of the FODMAP acronym, really made me smile. As ivesy says though it's not at all secretive and if you follow this link: you'll get to the place where it was developed. There's a brilliant app on the site which only costs about £6 and is a must-have for shopping and eating out.

    It's a pretty tough regime, but it works for 75% of people, including me, and it certainly saved my sanity and gave me back my life.

    If you haven't had medical tests to rule out other causes then maybe IBS is what you have, but you must get those done first.


  • Hi Rosie I have I b s d and have been on the Fodmap Diet for about a week now , at first I thought this is great no pain no bloating or cramps but now it's constipation and I'm at a loss do you know if that's natural ,I don't know what's worse? Can you help please x

  • Hi Sunnycot,

    Well, much though it may not seem like it to you at the moment, you've obviously done a great job with FODMAPs! Yes, for things to go into reverse was 'natural' for me too and I had to learn to balance the amount of fibre in my diet until I got things right.

    Try increasing your daily intake of 'allowed' fruit and veg (potatoes are a good source of fibre) and drink lots of water. If that doesn't work, I suggest you reintroduce some other fruit such as apples and pears until you get the right balance.

    I found that having a bowl of porridge every day for breakfast made a world of difference to me, so that may be worth a try.

    Just keep trying and you'll eventually get it right and let me know how it goes.

    Rosie x

  • Hi Rosie many thanks for your advice ,I did go out today and got the porridge and I shall start it 2/morrow, but as for now I feel so bloated and uncomfortable , so I used a suppositorie and to my relief I went and it was o k but then later it started getting loose again , mabey I should have left well alone ,what do you think .x

  • Don't worry too much, your body will take its time getting used to this diet. You probably did the right thing in using a suppository, I do that myself sometimes when I get my food wrong but it takes several hours before it stops working.

    Try and adjust your menu to increase your fibre intake a bit and see how it goes. The porridge may put you right on its own.

    Just expect things to be up and down for a few weeks until you find the food balance that suits you.

    Send me a private message with an update tomorrow.

    Rosie xx

  • Hello sunny,

    Please can you share a link to the fodmap you are following? I am ibs d and suffering. Many thanks

  • Hello Martle sorry you are suffering like me . The link is .i went on this diet great to start with no Diarrhea or gas or cramps ,but then it went into reverse Constipation so do be carefull , I do think it's a good diet to follow, but I am still having trouble so I think I will seek help from a dietitian as I feel I need help . Good luck x

  • Thank you so much, the bad days are awful, aren't they!! Will you see a private dietitian? I am losing faith in Drs with this tbh.

    No diarrhea sounds wonderful right now to be honest.

    Good luck too. X

  • I presume the book fodmap diet help ibs d? I would not want to eat anything that would make me worse!!

  • Hi Myrtle they do say that you must work at the Lowfob diet to get the right balance, but I think you need a Dietitian to help you so firstly I will try N H S if they can't help ,I shall go private I know they are expensive I think £55 to £85 per hour and they say you need about 3 sessions,anyway do give Lowfob a try I'm still working at it , I will let you know how I'm doing and if I have any luck with N H S and Good luck to you x

  • Maybe I was right as the link does not work!

  • Here's the correct link to Monash:

  • I agree with Rosie. Get the Monash app it completely changed my life.

  • You can also download a free fodmap app but don't know how good it is. Plenty on the internet and a good book called ibs free at last.

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