Food weirdness

For weeks I have been trying different milks with breakfast.

In the end I got so fed up I had a brown wholemeal wheat bread roll for breakfast and it seems to have cured early morning IBS problems.

I had my gallbladder out in April 2014 and since this my IBS has been a nightmare. Food shooting straight through within fifteen minutes. Bloating and lots of pain.

To think a small wholemeal wheat bread bun means I actually keep breakfast in and feel full til lunchtime. IBS really is trial and error. I only have my normal morning poo before lunchtime now no extra dashes before lunch it is bliss!

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  • Sorry about your problems and I do agree its trial and error, as far as

    milk is concerned I was much the same, I found almond milk on my

    cereal solved the problem. Actually its lactose that causes the problem

    and Almond milk is lactose free. I put it in all my hot drinks but I just

    have to use regular milk for tea. Someone on this site recommended

    Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar helps with bloating and I have taken it for

    two weeks now and ' no bloating '. I take it before every meal, and it

    certainly has worked tor me so far.

    Hope this helps.

  • I wish there was such a thing as a gall bladder transplant as I don't think the body copes as well without one!! I have missed mine in more ways than one!!

  • Koko milk is lovely even in tea

  • Nah could not do taste of koko milk. It is also fifty fifty with me because i have oral allergy syndrome to nuts and some days I react to coconut.

    I am sticking to my wholemeal bread roll for breakfast.

    i do not miss my gallbladder it was too painful I was on morphine or on extreme occasions gas and air because it was so much pain! Consultant said when he removed it, it was covered in lesions. I told him he could keep it!

  • Whole wheat part of my prob,so trial and error for each!

  • have you tried rice milk?

  • I have tried rice milk.

  • Hi Julie

    Has your doctor considered bile acid malabsorption? Bile is a substance that your liver produces and some people have a problem absorbing bile after the gall bladder is removed it travels through to the large bowel and irritates it causing lots of watery diarrhoea - it is easily treated with medication see here more information is available if you click on the link.

    Kind regards

    The IBS Network Team

  • Thank you IBS network I will be discussing this with my gp it sounds just like me. Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    I have noticed no one has suggested lactose free milk, its what i use for everything, it tastes slightly sweeter, but as of yet no bad reactions, now going on holliday and eating normally, now thats where the pain begins, as i found out this week

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