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So i have a question for all you lovely people. Do you ever get hungry? Might sound strange but i swear I never get hungry. I find myself having to force myself to eat because i know i have to too live. I suffer from nausea and IBS - D and honestly rarely ever get hungry. I'd be interested to know if anyone else feels the same way or has done in the past? Im slowly losing weight so am getting a bit concerned.

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I'm the opposite and constantly hungry, especially when the IBS-D plays up.


Hi Ivesy.

I also never feel hungry.I can remember when my "loss of appetite"started in 2007.would only feel hungry in the morning and then only a small meal was all I could manage.I now have to force myself to eat.i do get nausea but only occasionally. In 2014 was diagnosed with hiatus hernia gastritis duodenitis and diverticulitis and swallowing problems detected by endoscopy and barium swallow test but I don't think those are contributory to "feeling full"/"never hungry".I haven't been diagnosed with IBS ,tho it was "suggested" sometime ago -before I had the endoscopy.

when I don't feel hungry ie lunch time I have replacement meal drinks/milk shakes or cup a soup.

Have you had any endoscopy or colonoscopy?its worth asking your gp unless he/she has already done so,.


I too have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernie, maybe thats contributing too it. Its so lame, having to force yourself to eat. Eating should be fun but for me its just a task that needs to be completed.


I have had the same problems as you for forty years and only ate because I had to. Suffered panic attacks with sickness and diarrhoea many many times. I was on a forum about a month ago as I had breast cancer and the chemo has left me with nerve damage and loss of taste buds. Anyway, I read about an antihistamine called Pheragan which has totally given me back my life.

I have put a post on this forum too. This is my fourth week on it and no side effects except a sleepy feeling at night. It's an over the counter drug and just tell the assistant it's for travel sickness.

Phenergan : take 2 25mg on the first night

Then one at night for as long as needed. My g.p has given me the okay to take it .

Google it and you will see a lot of people take it for anxiety.

Anything is worth a shot. You might feel zonked on the first morning but it wears off.

I've ditched sleeping tablets, diazapam and Imodium it's that good , for me anyway.

My ibs wasn't food related just anxiety.

Good luck


Thanks for the advice Shon. I currently take amitriptyline each night but its not having much of an effect anymore. Other than the tiredness are there any other side effects that youve felt?


A dry mouth but I already had that with the cancer drug I'm taking. I can't tell you how much this little pill has helped me. It's about £7 for 52 tablets but if my g.p. has said its okay then I'm sure yours will too but not so sure if it would interact with the amytriptiline . I was horrendous on that drug, hated it. I am on Prozac in the morning 25mg for depression and then one of the Phenergan at night. I would Google the amytriptiline and Phenergan just in case it doesn't mix.

I wish you luck and keep me up to date if you do try it. It only two a week for me. An absolute miracle .


I received my box of Phenergan yesterday. Didn't start on them last night because I had to drive somewhere this morning, but I am hopeful it will work for me, too.


Please let me know how you get on!


I would like to hear how you get on with Phenergan

Shona says they are great.


Fingers crossed they work for you just be aware of the dry mouth and after the first dose you might be zonked. Very wise not to have started them when you were driving the next day. Good luck . We are all waiting in trepidation of how they work for you lol



I only took one last night. I read something about the long-term side effects and decided to use as little as possible. I slept really well, without the usual wakeup at 3-ish, and I was awake and alert at 7:30. So far, so good. I don't have to go anywhere today, so the chance of anxiety is low, but I almost always have a slight cramp in my left side (descending colon?) anyway. No cramping yet this morning. We shall see!

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That sounds hopeful.

Do you have food issues as well as anxiety re ibs ?


It's been hard to tell--something will set me off one time, but not another. There is always anxiety, though. I have been through some challenging life events in the last few years and live at a National Memorial. Yes, I hear all the terror warnings and they scare me. Oh, and French. I'm better than I think, but it still scares to have to communicate in French. I'm still studying, though, and hope to get a tutor so I gain more confidence in that. Since we moved up North, I've been better--the people are nicer here, and they speak actual French, like I hear on Rosetta Stone. Anyway....when I am at home in the States, I don't have flare-ups.

So today, I'm through lunch and all is well.


What is a national memorial ?


Sounds promising Amy. Please keep us updated!


Fingers crossed, this magic pill works for you too.



I know exactly how you feel, i have constant nausea, and no medications work, ive even tried nausea tablets they give to patients having chemo with no luck. Ive lost a lot of weight from nausea& ibs.

I have found other ways of realising im hungry by listening to my body: if my stomach feels gurgly, empty,a tight ball in my stomach i eat then.

Also i sometimes find eating something does help& even if i dont feel like it i eat something i used to really enjoy, like a biscuit or white chocolate, i usually do enjoy it when im eating- its just the thought of it.

Really hope you find a solution.



I often have a bowl of cereal if I don't feel hungry or not wanting a big meal.


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