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Does this sound like ibs ?im getting worried

My symptoms are either constipation or dirrrahea.

Constant wind,need to pass wind every 5 minutes all day long,unpleasant smell and very forceful.

Some days I go for bowel movement 3 times but still feel as if I need to go again.

Mostly loose stools,I feel tired all the time,backache really lower ache.

I feel sickly sometimes and I can notice white bits of black bits in my stool and sometimes a tiny bit of blood or red skin.

My doctors say Ibs,I've had no kind of tests to rule out anything else and yesterday my doctor refused me a stool sample and said I need to have CBT for mood management.

Advice would be great

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If you have seen blood then I'd definitely get a 2nd opinion. Especially if you don't have piles. Sounds like he can't be bothered investigating properly! Good luck, could well be IBS or just something you're eating, do you eat red peppers? ( sorry just incase that's the skin you're seeing ) but it needs futher investigation. I'd change Doctors. You can also do your own stool sample with a testing kit from the chemist for bowel cancer. Something to think about in the meantime if you want peace of mind. You can also call the free bowel screening service and they will send you a kit


No I don't eat red peppers or tomatoes

I was thinking a yeast overgrowth or even intestinal worms but she just brushed me off.

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Yes sounds like IBS and food sensitivity. If your doc thinks IBS they should be doing tests to rule some things out such as infection and inflammation, anaemia and celiac. Look at your diet and keeping a food diary for triggers. I started by cutting out wheat, gluten and dairy then looked further at FODMAP. Stress can play a factor so CBT can be helpful too. Your doc could also suggest medication to help your symptoms such as mebeverine. If your doctor is unsupportive I'd ask for a different doc or change surgery x


I had a calprotectin test (stool sample) but only after doing all the above all clear and mainly stress related x


The same thing happen to me and I have ibs and i advise you to go to a doctor or hospital because it could be signs of worse problems


Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, barring the unusual particles in your stools, for which I would insist on a stool sample - by seeing a different doctor if necessary.

Meanwhile, I have found acidophilus capsules very effective - taking 2 '3 billion' capsules first thing every morning at least half an hour before food. You can get them from Holland and Barrett, or online from lots of other health stores. H&B often have half price sales so you can get 6 months' supply for around £6.

Hope that helps.



Sorry your dr isn't being more supportive have you been given anything at all to try such as buscopan or mebeverine?

I would suggest taking someone with you to future appointments as you are much less likely to be fobbed off if you have someone who is also concerned about your symptoms. If not I would definitely see a different dr.

Often wind that has an unpleasant smell can be due to a food intolerance. I take a probiotic called quest mega 8 biotix its is excellent taken with food 1 or 2 daily.

Hope you feel better soon let us know.


Hi no I haven't been given anything.

Today my stool has white and black lumps in..loose stools again this morning and so much gas ..my ribs are so sore today


I would go to a different doctor as to be honest he sounds like he doesn't care. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy before I was diagnosed. I don't care what anyone says but you cannot tell if someone has got IBS by describing symptoms as they are all very different.

Best of luck


Gosh! I am so lucky to have a GP that will listen to me and is willing to get the obvious exclusion tests done. Do go back to your GP and ask for exclusion tests if he/she will not give them to you get them done privately by credit card if necessary as your symptoms need to be diagnosed correctly. Wish you well and get back to us soon x


Thankyou ..I hope things get better soon ...Which tests shall I ask them to do?

A stool sample?


A colonoscopy(in my case done privately) is in my opinion the most effective test but I think the NHS will initially just do an ultrasound (so a friend told me?) and there are various stool tests that your GP could recommend, lactose intolerance, what type of bacteria you have in the gut, pancreatic insufficiencies to name but a few.


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