IBS maybe ???

For the last 3 months I have had stools that are thin like a pencil. Over the course of the last 2 months I have been constipated. GP gave me laxatives which allow me to go every 3rd day. I have a lot of pain in lower right abdo and under right rib/ shoulder. I recently attended AE with extreme pain and they ruled out Gallstones and prescribed Buscooan. I eat only fruit and cereal due to being extremely nauseous!!! Sorry about the speech but does anyone have any ideas ??

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  • Have a breath test for SIBO. It's a home test you mail in results. It Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. It can cause fishers, constipatin or both, bloating, stomach pain, feeling poor. There is an antibiotic for it specifically, Xifaxin, & a diet called, fodmap diet that helps. You need to see a gastroenteroligist doctor.

  • Sounds more like divertilitis. Would go back to your doctor

  • Everything I've ever read indicates that pencil thin stools are a red flag that needs to be checked out. You need to see a GI doc. You could have a partial obstruction. I am by no means a doctor and don't mean to alarm you but you definitely need to have this checked. Especially since you are seeing other symptoms as well.

  • Hi I agre with Leann67-these foods wont sustain you

  • I too agree with Lee-an--The number one sign of a serious condition--not trying to scare you but cancer--are the thin-stools like a pencil. My grandmother had this and she had intestinal cancer.--which she had surgery for like a trouper at 87. They had to remove at least a third of her intestines, but she didn't have to have a colostomy and she came through like a champ. You need to check this out asap--It might not be anything like that, but best to check. BTW I have had precancerous polyps since I was 19--Dr was shocked said it was an old man's disease, but nevertheless I now have to have colonoscopies every 1-3 yrs--its been 30 years since first diagnosed and I have had 20 plus colonoscopies and endoscopies, sometimes they find a polyp or 2 or many--then one year till next colonoscopy--sometimes not -then 3 years. But if you just let it go like my father-in-law did--you could die at 70 like he did from something he could have taken care of.--The worst part of a colonoscopy is the prep, and since I've done it so many times, its not that big of a deal--just don't be afraid.

  • Thanks for the advice. I am seeing a Gastroenterologist on Monday so fingers crossed. Just another point, my skin has erupted into ulcer like lesions, both arms and both legs. Does anyone know if this is connected to any Gastro problem. Someone said it may be Caeliac.

  • Thanks for replies. Booked for camera at both ends. My skin is covered in lesions and consultant said it could be linked. They didn't really go into too much detail about anything. Does anyone else have these lesions ?

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