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abdominal pain except when lying down

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Have abdominal pain -constant except while lying down - for three years. Told by gastroenterologist that its IBS. Any ideas?

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HI Gene,

I also have those attacks where only lying down on my bed gives a sort of a relief. I find it more useful to rest in the left hand side.

In such days I'm absolutely paralyzed 😩

Gene, are you male or female? If you don’t mind me asking?

Is it you entire abdomen or is it more localized pain? Right side? Left side? Do you have a history of anything? Gall stones, kidney stones? Are you male or female?!!

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gene49 in reply to DLAZ

I am male and the pain is a constant aching. Not gas or bloating . Have no stones of any kind. Cat scan, colonoscopy and other tests reveal nothing.

Gen49 massage your tummy area, eat more fibre and fruit and plenty of drinks not alcohol, cordials are good because you can mix with water,or just drink water

If you are in constant pain for that length of time you really need to change how you eat, not what you eat, at least not until you know what might be triggering it. Firstly, every morning before eating anything, take a cup of hot water from the kettle, not tea, not coffee, just water, every morning, don't miss one, it is a routine to get into to help your guts to start to relax and stop hurting you. It is also a great way to get your bowels to get into a decent routine. Then, you need to make sure yo have enough fibre in your diet to get those bowels to be regular. Give this a few weeks and then see how you are feeling. Take it from there, if you are feeling better, start to keep this routine as a normal thing, then look into your diet as normal. A few changes just might make a large difference. I wish you all the luck. xx

I too have this! Whenever I do get stomach cramps, always accompanied by bloating, I have to lie down as it is the only thing that eliminates the pain! I find it bizarre. I believe I have had ibs now for about 5 years and it's the random bloating and cramping that gets me. Thank God for lying down though as it is a quick fix to the pain.

That's what I have also started suffering. My stomach gets bloated and when the gasses are not released they become so painful that I have to lay down which gives me immediate relief. I am also searching for types of food I can eat to get ride of this pain.

This pain is only due to your psychological change. Our brain & guts are connected each other. Nothing to worry. Your active in any other program and forgot this pain. Then the pain goes away.during sleeping our brain relax that time nervous are Also relax then pain pain goes.

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