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I B S (D)

I have had I B S (D) for many years with bloating wind and bad cramps and of course loose bowel movement,I have tried over the counter and Dr's medications and nothing has worked , I am beginning to think it is somthing I shall have to live with. But I have just heard about Symprove,so I thought I will give it a try,well I have been on it just over a week and it has made no difference I thought by now I would see a little change .(or should I give it more time) has any one else taken Symprove how long did you have to wait befor you saw any improvement .


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I gave it a try because it came highly recommend. But to tell the truth there was no change,I suffer chronic IBS and I've tried everything,and I'm thinking the same maybe something I have to live with,but it's not easy. My Gastrologist has given me Oramorph to have when the pain gets to bad. But that tells its own story.

" can't do nothing"


Have you tried going dairy free

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I had lots of problems with D and after 5 or 6 really bad years that

resulted in my having part of my bowel removed, I had to do something

fast. I searched the internet and came up with two lists, one for foods if

C is the problem and the other for D. For D I eat high fibre foods jacket

potatoe with whatever you fancy, oat based foods there are a lot, beans etc. I always bear in mind that I dont want C so factor that in with your

food choices. I always take 1 immodium first thing before any food and dont

take another till you have 'been'. I have also started taking amitripyline

which is helping. All I can say is it works for me in the main but I can still

have a bad day, but much better than it was. Dairy is a no no for quite

a lot of ibs sufferers as Sashapet said so you may need to try eliminating

milk etc to see if that helps. I found im ok if I just have a little, just trial

and error really.

Good luck.


Hi sunnycot! :)

I admire all of you for withstanding all this pain and discomfort.

Eating healthy will definitely help with your health in general, I firmly believe that this is where the solution is. and sometimes we are so used to follow everybody that is in the same situation as we are..that we forget to focus on a solution..everyone is in fact taking different medications for the same problem..yet all continue still in pain...

2 years ago I was where you are now..I suffered for years..with ibs, fybro, alergies, liver and kidney stones...arthritis (knees and neck), depression, the list goes on and on..

I cant explain how, but one day in front of laptop watching youtube...a video on the side caught my attention....changed my whole life..and my family's too.

Modified what I was eating.

Never looked back..followed the right mentors, learned from them and now I'm the healthiest person my friends and family know.. :)

I started following people that have already achieved what I want..simple! not the ones that are in the same boat as us..as they cannot help us too..right?

I feel blessed, as I was taking all possible medications..like you...sad..not having hope is really the saddest thing we can receive as answer from a doctor, friends, family...

Seems that nobody can help us when we are lost in pain...

I am living a free life, together with my healthy family.

There is hope people! Believe! It might just change your entire life!

Love to all of you.


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